Mountain autumn…

Autumn comes earlier on the mountaintop..  The trees at the end of my road are half orange already. The nights are pretty chilly and the mornings require a sweater and slippers. Leaves are sprinkled around my house and float effortlessly down with the new autumn wind approaching…

Every year I have mixed feelings about it… It’s my favorite season, but so is summer and I will miss my second home this summer, the lake.


I have been getting into the spirit by purchasing autumn boots, pinteresting fall fashion, and staring at Alexa Chung’s perfect effortlessly put together fall outfits, like these:


Ahhhhh. For awhile now, I have felt like I have been repeating my same summer dresses and skirts at work and fall fashion has always been the best to me. I am excited for that among other things like halloween, halloweentown and hocus pocus, foliage, apple picking/ apple pie baking, halloween costumes… Tea…list goes on….


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