Summer highlights

This past labor day weekend made me think of how the summer went.

 It went pretty damn well.

Looking back, these pictures make me feel like…


I know you’ll miss those skies…

Here’s a few highlights from the summer….highlight amanda sunset2 sunset3 sunset4 sunset5 sunset6




Time with cousins in the hamptons


michael franti

Dancing in the crowd with Michael Franti to songs about sunshine on a beautiful June sunshiny day.

butterfly on leg

When people you miss stop by to say hello in a different form

highlight vip lounge

VIP lounge at the country music festival because your sister is bartending there

highlights2 highlights3fleabar moneyninjashighlight christy and frankie

My sissy's fridge

My sissy’s fridge

vt collage

A collage of all the beautiful things Vermont has to offer in just one weekend

squish highlight

vt beachstore in vt coolarts riot collagecool trees lit highlight taste of countryvermont1       Until next summer comes, just keep on keeping on…..

3 thoughts on “Summer highlights

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