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Saturday, 4:47 pm. And it is dark. 

I got a late start to my day today- I, thankfully, slept in until 11 am. I was planning on taking a drive and bringing the camera for future blog posts-but, before I knew it, it was 3 pm and would be dark in an hour.

This time of year- I struggle. I love being outside and the best time to do that is coming to an end. It’s delicate- I have to work harder to stay happy, remain positive, and see the light in winter, too. I love christmas so much- and am looking forward to that.

I enjoy coziness and snow- to a certain point. The reason I use delicate for this post title and picked this Delicate by Damien Rice song-

As the seasons progress, I become delicate. I can easily get caught up in my warm cozy house, cozy bed with my warm puppy, and never want to leave. That sounds great, right? Except for me, I have to be careful- not to fall into a mild seasonal depression.

It’s cold and bitter outside, but I’m working on my blog, I got a lot done today, and I’m going to see friends later. I try to keep up this kind of momentum throughout the season so that I don’t fall down and get stuck. I have a feeling this season will be different for me- maybe that’s why I don’t mind it’s arrival as much.

             How do you all cope with the darkness coming earlier?


dark 7 horses 2dark 5

The neighhhhbor horses enjoy their last half hour of daylight.

The neighhhhbor horses enjoy their last half hour of daylight

dark 2

And so do I.

We settle in for the night, surrounded by candles and lights.

We settle in for the night, surrounded by candles and lights.

13 thoughts on “Delicate

  1. Eh. I find it hard too. What keeps me going are the regular things I have to do (like walk my son to school) and those I love to do (like Karate). They anchor the day. Other than that, I do music, hot tea and probably too much chocolate 😉 But I also think it is okay and kind of natural to adopt a slower rhythm were possible during the winter months. The earth rests too.

    Have a great week!

    Alex – Funky Jungle

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  2. Pretty pix (and what a cute pup you have)! It is hard to stay motivated when the seasons change. Fortunately, I now live in an almost-always-sunny state (Arizona), but it also gets darker earlier here, too. I try to workout in the evenings – especially in a group class. Not sure if that is much help to you, but it becomes part of routine, which is good for me!

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    • I was going to zumba for a little while and that helped- need to get back on that- as soon as the weather was nice i spent like every day at the lake after work swimming so that was nice- but now thats its cold i am getting back into the gym and my thursday yoga class ( thats the plan hehe) so that will help- blogging has been helping me a lot too… Thank you for the compliments and for stopping by!!:)


  3. I keep a lighter heart by eating food (okay, you’ve got me, I do that year round). I do feel like I have a stronger pull toward the kitchen as the days get shorter. Making my favorites, coming up with and trying new recipes, snd sharing with friends and family does wonders for me and my attitude.

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  4. Your photos I love, especially your doggie. I don’t live somewhere it gets dark that early though in winter it gets dark sometimes by about 5.30pm. I kind of like it cos I can get into my PJs early and settle down to watch tv or whatever I need to do. I get depressed too but as long as I keep my mind active, I’m usually ok.

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