Merry little Christmas decorating

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It’s 55 and sunny out right now- and we are getting ready to decorate the house and trees for Christmas! It feels strange without snow, but we have the Christmas pandora station on to get in the spirit.

We start off with our favorite Sarah McLachlan Christmas album-this album always give me just that feeling of Christmas that we all crave at this time of year. You know that feeling I’m talking about, right? It’s just there. As soon as Thanksgiving ends, I feel all warm and fuzzy at the thought of Christmas.

The day after Thanksgiving, we spend the entire day decorating and getting into the spirit and then usually end the day off with a Christmasy cocktail- tonight I’m thinking something with eggnog : )



There’s something special to me about decorating the tree. We go through our collection of ornaments, which each have their own sentimental value, and reminiscence on how they got to us and how long we have had it- mom has another tradition of buying a new ornament every time we go somewhere new, so our ornaments are from all over! When I have my own family I know how special Christmastime will be for us, too. It has always been my favorite time of the year.

Excited for:

xmas tree bulletMaking DIY gifts and ornaments, giving gifts

xmas tree bulletChristmas in our new home- we get to have 2 Christmas trees this year! My mama talks all about the house in her blog: Mama’s blog

xmas tree bulletChristmas movies

xmas tree bulletDecorating my planner for Christmas- [Goals, with Gratitude post]

xmas tree bulletThat Christmas feeling.



good tidings

                                      Here’s some traditions we do every year!

xmas tree bulletDecorate the house and tree the day after Thanksgiving, to get the whole season in.

xmas tree bulletListening to Christmas music while decorating, my sister and I put the ornaments on the tree while my mama putters around getting the rest of the tree ready

xmas tree bulletBake tons of cookies- we usually have a cookie making day and freeze the dough, then make them closer to Christmas day

xmas tree bulletHave our whole family over to our house for Christmas and celebrate on Christmas day and have a huge dinner and desert

xmas tree bulletLately we have been taking a big family photo on the day, and this year we are going to do some sort of theme

xmas tree bulletWe watch It’s a wonderful life, every year. It never gets old and we recite the movie to each other and George Bailey is more and more charming every time.

xmas tree bulletI also have to watch Home Alone. The best!


george lassos moon

home alone

I don’t care if the house is packed,
Or the strings of light are broken.
I don’t care if the gifts are wrapped,
Or there’s nothing here to open.

Love is not a toy, and no paper will conceal it.
Love is simply joy that I’m home.

I don’t care if the carpet’s stained; we’ve got food upon our table.
I don’t care if it’s gonna rain, our little room is warm and stable.

Love is who we are, and no season can contain it.
Love would never fall for that.

Let love lead us, love is Christmas.

-“Love is Christmas” by Sara Bareilles


Do you all have a tradition for getting ready for Christmas? 







6 thoughts on “Merry little Christmas decorating

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  2. It’s pretty much always warm and sunny here in coastal South Carolina this time of the year (no complaints from me), so it’s a regular occurrence to decorate in shorts and a tshirt. 😀 I’m excited to get our decorating underway since this will be the first year that my daughter will really get Christmas!

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