Holiday market; Farm and Flea!

xmas tree bullet♫    Listening now: My sister watching Sons of Anarchy-I love their theme song:

In my last post, A country Christmas, I talked about how I was heading to the holiday farmer’s market and another flea market. I felt so lucky that I got to do two markets in one day!

market 1

Holiday market version of our bi-weekly farmer’s market that we have been attending since summer. This will be the last one until spring!

                                                                     So many markets, so little time! 

My sister, at “The Gathering Wall” at our local market


market4 beer

West Kill Brewery, set to open next fall, graced us with their presence, and my sister and I were both thrilled to see beer tasting at the farmer’s market for the first time!The beer we tasted was fruity with hints of maple and so delicious! Perfect for a cold mountain night. Visit them here:

                                “On a dead end road, in the heart of the Catskills… 
                                                             something is brewing.”


market band

This is the first farmer’s market that had a band!

market lantern

That concludes our bi-weekly farmer’s market…until next season… see you after a long winter! [sigh]


basilica 3
Now, come along this way…to the Basilica Farm & Flea, in the same town as my previous post in Sisters and Sunsets post

farmandflea signbasil

basilicia puppets

Little puppets!


market 9 babe

My love, waiting outside to get in

farmandflea sign2

The farm and flea took place in a big warehouse and the decorations were amazing!

basil at night

It looked stunning at night, too

market 10 waiting outsidemarket12 gingerbreadmarket13 cider

basilica 2.jpg

Vintage finds, food, and drinks-oh my!

basil phone

basil doll

This doll reminded me of American Horror Story: Freakshow

basil bar

basil food

basil mannequinbasil lights

madeinny“Based in NYC and Saratoga Springs, travels throughout New York to uncover what might captivate and delight you across a range of interests – from delectable foods made with locally-grown ingredients to selected works and products by artists, designers and craftsmen in and from the State. ” Such an awesome way to unite local small businesses in NY!basil wall

Until the next market,

Thanks for reading! Xoxo




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