The gift of kismet

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destiny; fate.

My mom says this all of the time. Everything you do, where you go in life, who you become- it’s all part of our kismet.

Funny thing is- I am writing this post over again. Well it wasn’t funny at the time- I nearly cried. It literally disappeared into thin air, so here I am-starting again.

And kismet, as we know, is our destiny and our fate. But we contribute to our own kismet, too. I have always believed that no matter how shitty of a hand you are dealt in life- it’s what you make of it. You could cry until your tears are dry, succumb to whatever coping mechanism you know of, addiction or whatnot. Or you could fight the hand you’re dealt; make the best of it.

So I could have done that, my post was deleted and I was really upset. Instead, I’m starting over, maybe making it better.

My inspiration for this post came from this time of the year, my favorite. Christmastime, rounding up of our years, thinking about our goals, and that warm and fuzzy feeling I talk about …[Merry little christmas decorating post]

Where did the year go, though? Last thing I remember I was sitting at home drinking wine with my pup(yes, those were really my New Years Eve plans) and now here we are, in December. Thinking about our years successes, about the kismet gifted to us from the world.

NYE pic

Actual photo of New Years Eve plans, 2015 : )

Daise pic tree

Everyone has different beliefs, is it all left to fate or do we have a part?

I think we contribute to it. The changes we make, the gratitude we feel, even when things don’t seem right or feel right. We are present in this life every single day, building on ourselves and on others; making us better and maybe even the world a little better, in the process.

In rounding up my year, I think about this.

      Here’s a few ways I have contributed to my own kismet in 2015:

  • Going to therapy consistently. Like I said, everyone’s got their stuff. It is how we cope with it that matters. I used to stop going to therapy once it got scary, I guess. It has helped me so much. I talk a little bit about my mental health here [Delicate post] but- there’s more to it than that. I plan on talking about it in the blog when I am ready…
  • Working on accepting myself; learning to see things I used to see as differences or faults about myself as positive attributes. For example, I am an introvert-I recharge by being alone. I need this time to myself in order to be around others and I sincerely cherish that time. I have hobbies I love to do like playing video games, blogging, writing in my journal, watching my favorite you tubers, playing on photoshop. I used to think of myself as a bit of a loner because of this, now I love this about myself. I truly think everyone needs to embrace time alone more.
  • Balancing better. Speaking of being alone, I have learned to balance that time with other necessary things in life, too. Like seeing friends. The healthy balance between seeing friends and my necessary time alone used to be lacking. In this post here [Balance, baby] I talk about what I’ve learned about my own ability to balance things in life.
  • Being more gentle with myself…I got a guitar for my 23rd birthday. I was psyched, I picked it up and learned a song right away. I went to lessons for awhile and practiced at home and somewhere along the way got frustrated. I would feel guilty if I didn’t pick it up for awhile- right now it’s been months. I know that when I’m ready to pick it up again, I will. I also told myself I would start dance classes again because I used to do ballet and miss it, but I haven’t done that either. But you know what? I’m starting to look more at all that I have done. Sure, I didn’t do those things. Yet. But I started this blog unexpectedly and continue to write. We may not have done all those “things” on our lists that we made January 1st. But, what else have we done? Look around and I’m sure you’ll see.

Credit: Baron Van Fancy

In what ways have you all contributed to your own kismet this year?

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9 thoughts on “The gift of kismet

  1. Those are great ways to contribute to your fate! Here are a few things I did to contribute to my destiny:
    1. I started believing in myself
    2. Stopped relying on others for approval
    3. Started studying for my Personal training exam
    4. Staying healthy by eating the right foods and exercising.

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  2. I love your attitude. It’s so true that we can’t change our circumstances. There’s no use whining about it [although it’s very tempting and hard NOT to do sometimes]. I can’t believe this year is coming to a close, but it seems like you’ve tried to make the most out of it! Your ways of contributing to your kismet [which honestly, I’d never heard of before haha] are definitely areas I really need to work on too. Let us press on together! =)

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