Monday musings: It’s a wonderful life!

♫ Listening now… 

[Not Christmas related, but, I just found this song and love it.]


Our favorite movie ever, especially at Christmas time, is “It’s a wonderful life.” My sister found it in a play version locally so of course we had to go! She treated us to the play as part of our Christmas gift and we had such a nice girls day!

This weekend my mom, sister, and I went to see “It’s a wonderful life” in play version! It was nice to have a girls day, just the three of us. The weather was still and is still strangely warm for December, so it felt a little weird to be walking into the playhouse to see “It’s a wonderful life” without snow. The show ended up to be in the form of a 1930’s radio broadcast, which was different and really fun! There was a man in the background who did the sound effects and every now and then would slam a door, ring a bell, etc. as needed. The characters did such an amazing job and were so theatric, we were laughing the whole time!


mom its a wonderful life 1playhouseplayhouse

photoshoot 2

Cute little old fashioned theater 

mom brios

                         What we wore: (Quick sissy photoshoot before we left)amanda photoshoot 4photoshoot amanda 1photoshoot amanda 3photoshoot 3 me

photoshoot me 2

Ready for Christmas in reindeers 

       What mama wore:

playhouse mama 2

Ready for Christmas in reds 

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