It’s beginning to look a lot like Squishmas

Listening now… puppies snoring

Squishmas? You may ask. My sister came up with this term today, very witty of her. We call one of our puppies “squish” since we always want to squish her. You know that feeling you get when you see something really cute, you somehow want to squish them, right? No, really. I’m not crazy: it’s actually proven.

Article: The psychology of “It’s so cute I could eat it”

Do you have this? Furthermore: 22 signs you have cute aggression

So I wanted you all to meet my squish able babies. The amount of pictures I have of them on my camera and on my phone is a little bordering on psychotic, but I don’t really care.

Meet Squish. Otherwise known by her real name Daisy- but also by itty, itty bitty, monkey, pumpkin, stinky, etc etc.


pups 5 playing

Facts: she hates people and dogs she doesn’t know, anytime we have company over they must do the cookie procedure. She has to be locked up in my room until they are already inside, then I can bring her up to the person- have them stand still so she can sniff them and seize them up and feed her a cookie. After this she is usually fine.

However, she has bitten my mom’s friend on the nose and a little boy that I babysit for-also on the nose. She hates kids- even with the cookie procedure done and out of the way.

daisy muzzle

Last year for Christmas, Santa got her a muzzle.

A lot of people think she’s mean, but she is the sweetest and cuddliest baby you will ever meet once she knows you and is comfortable with you. She would sleep all day with you while spooning if you let her. Case in point:

snuggly babysnuggly baby 2

She can sense when you are hurt, upset, or happy. She will come over and gently lick you on the face if she sees you crying- almost to ask, what’s wrong and what can I do?

daisy and me.jpg

As you can see, best friends from the very beginning.

daisys first snow

Her very first snow.

squish swimming.jpg

Her very first time swimming was this summer, taught by me and her ball. [The only way she would get in!] We love to go on adventures.

daisy in the manger.jpg

And finally, in the spirit of Christmas: Daisy in the manger.

More fun facts: she was the runt of the litter. Our other baby Lily, had puppies and we kept her. She had trouble getting to mama’s nipple to feed, so my mom used to watch her and lift her to it so we could keep her alive.

lil with pups

Our baby Lily with her pups, May 2009[Taken on ancient 2009 cell phone, so has that quality]

Meet “Tubs.” Otherwise known by her real name, Lily, and many others- princess, printa, fatty, etc etc. Tubs is courtesy of my mom due to Lily’s insatiable appetite and her piggy-like stature. She’s our little piglet. On her Christmas list: food. She is the sweetest baby you will ever meet. Unlike squish, she has always warmed up to everyone right away and will come right up to you. She is the most trusting pup and a true people lover.

Tubs 1.jpg

Our old girly is 13 now.

sleepy tub

Sleeping soundly by the tree and fire…..spoiled.

sleepy tub 2

* Hears crinkling of wrapper in the kitchen*

sleepy tub 3

Now awake, and ready to eat.

If you have pictures of your squishes, I’d love to see them!

We wish you a very merry Squishmas.  XOXO


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