Happy planning:Christmas and DIY

Listening now…. “I’m mr. heat mister, I’m mister sun….”


So I wanted to show off my current week’s planning in my happy planner. If you haven’t seen my first planning post, check here! [Goals; with gratitude post]

So guys- I actually loved this planner at first. Then I kind of hated the disk system it has instead of spiral bound- I was afraid of the pages falling out. I even went out and bought a webster’s pages planner in gold-silly enough, I didn’t realize how small it would be, even though it was a personal planner. It was just too small for me and my big writing. I also love to have lots of space to be creative with it lately. So- that made me realize my true love for my happy planner! And surprisingly, the pages have held up very well.  [And I flip through them a lot!]

Another thing I have realized- the happy planner is great for customizability. The disk system makes it way easier to change things in and out and you can even change the front cover and the color of the disks if you’d like. Not many planners have that option- so that is really cool!

planner editedunnamed.jpg

planner haul

Michaels was having a clearance today, too! Here’s my little haul.    

heart emoji smiley


DIY– I used the back plastic part behind my sticker pack, the washi tape from Michaels, and a sticker I recently got and made this little bookmark- it still needs to be hole punched. But I thought it came out really cute!


I figured you can even use the bookmark for a dashboard if you want. 

planner DIY pouch

I also made this homemade sticker pouch, which needs to be hole punched also, I’m hoping it comes out as good as it looks right now once it’s hole punched!

jan planning 2

“Hey baby” sticker- also from my local pharmacy.


Also, I started planning  for January already… but let’s focus on the holiday, first!

planner edit 2
I got these Charlie Brown stickers at my local pharmacy  and I thought they were really perfect for Christmas week! Linus is tired from Christmas night and Lucy looks like she is checking her list twice. 

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