Being kind to ourselves

Listening now… [thank you sissy Sissy’s blog]

Definitely worth a listen.

own best friend

“Life is too short to spend another day at war with yourself; you are a work in progress. “

How are your resolutions going?

The gym has cleared out. We may be back to our habits, we may be sad about it, beating ourselves down for it. Don’t. That goal is still there for when you are ready, when you have summoned up the courage to accept it and work towards it. 

I am still drinking less coffee and more tea. I went to the gym monday, I meditated tuesday. I worked on myself this week. I worked towards a huge goal of mine and got everything accomplished for it; now I am waiting for the results of my work, and that is out of my control for now. I wrote my gratitude down in my new journal that says “let your inner sparkle shine through.” I found new music. I paid some bills, did some things I had been putting off for awhile. Do you know how good that feels?

You may not have accomplished this goal or that goal, let’s not pretend like tomorrow is not another day. We have it, we have time. Think of how far you have come, dig deep and you will see that you have worked towards something else positive, even if it was not what was originally intended…

be kind




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