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My sister recently started doing a series of posts called Intriguing things [Post] in which she discusses things that intrigue her at that moment in time. I love this and felt inspired!

The theme of this blog is pretty much to enjoy the little things in life, the simple things. To appreciate the good things and the good things comin’. Thanks, Nahko Bear. [Black as the night- Nahko Bear]


Here’s some simple things I’m in love with right now:


I have been loving this song lately. It has a bit of nostalgia to it, especially in the video.

A friend showed us this song last night and I love it.


After I finished binge watching Making a Murderer, I needed another fix. My mom was watching Downton Abbey and now I am hooked.

An early 1900’s British drama, you will be sucked in instantly. The fashion is really beautiful, too.



My mom got me these makeup pieces and I love them- she ordered them online because she heard rave reviews about them. And I can see why. It’s a Japanese product and it makes you skin look flawless and is a really moisturizing makeup, which I love for the winter.


Check it out here:


She also got this which I love for putting over the top of the makeup above. It has the effect of a Bare Minerals mineral veil, to kind of illuminate your skin and seal your makeup.


Check it out here:

Eshiko face powder

I have also been loving my Urban Decay shadow box palette I got for Christmas.

urban shadow box.jpg

The bright colors are a bit intimidating to me at first, but I definitely plan on figuring them out!

I have been having a lot of fun playing with it, too.



Ear links and ear chains….

I also received 2 of these for Christmas and I’m wearing them like every day.

Ear jackets look a little something like this:

ear jacket.jpg


And an ear chain, like this:

ear chain.jpg

I think they are really fun, especially if you only have one piercing because they can spice it up a bit.


Lately I have discovered Lush: 

[I know, I’m super late on this…haha]

I went here to Christmas shop for other people and shopped for myself and fell in love. This is what is awesome about Lush brand:

lush pic.jpg

My favorites, out of what I have tried so far: 

Popcorn lip scrub [ This stuff is amazingly yummy and you can lick it off when you are done scrubbing.]

Aromaco deodorant [ All natural and I find it even helps with sweating, too]


What are you loving lately? 


XOXO Thanks for stopping by!












8 thoughts on “Loving lately…

    • Oh no Deb! The anticipation must be killing you! I started watching because of my mom- and tried to catch up with her, which I’ve learned now, is impossible because she is already on like season 2 or 3 and I am only on season 1 -episode 4. Today I plan on not doing much else but that 🙂


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