Adopt, don’t shop

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*Edit- Bobby has been adopted today!!!

From facebook post:


“Christmas sweater Bobby is safe and adopted this AM. Came down to transport and he had an adopter.”


I saw this on facebook today and had my heart broken.

This poor little baby is considered “code red” because he still has not been adopted.

The staff and volunteers put this green Christmas sweater on him in hopes of having him swept away by a loving family. But he hasn’t been- the saddest part to me while reading it is that staff and volunteers say that he sits in his cage with his head down all day.

I felt such a pull and compelled to share. My blog is small, just getting started. But maybe one person in Miami will see this and tell a friend, who will pick him up. Or if that does not happen, maybe someone in another state will see this and adopt instead of going to the pet store, like they had originally planned.

Why does this happen?

Do you think people walk by and see him sad, not happy, jumpy, and enthusiastic like the other pups there and overlook him? Because if I saw a dog this sad while looking around, I would just want to scoop him up, bring him home, and make him happy again.

I wish there was a grant out there for people who want to own pets but simply can’t afford it.

Is there?  I don’t have knowledge on this, but maybe someone else may know.

I think this may be a big part of the problem- that people may see him, want him, but are just unable to afford it- or he may have special needs, like perhaps cannot be in a home with children, and the family who wants him has children.



Bobby baby


A few months ago, my mom was following this 8 year old Jack Russell named Minnie Pearl:

minnie pearl.jpg

We saw her on the news and felt drawn to her- but as you may or may not already know, we have 2 Jacks at home already. [ Struggles of a Jack Russell post ]

We simply couldn’t take on another doggy, but my mom basically said that if she was not adopted in a few weeks, we would look into it.  But we are so happy to see she has been adopted! 


I just felt compelled to share my feelings. This struck me so hard this morning and I feel so passionately about helping these little babies that even if I reach one person, that is a win to me.




5 thoughts on “Adopt, don’t shop

  1. Lovely to see how much you care for animals. I have the same thoughts about these dear souls that only seek love and shelter in the comfort of a family. For us it is mostly cats, and if we had enough space, I think we’d have adopted so many.
    For those we meet on the streets we try to feed them and shelter them when it rains.
    Thankfully our neighbours also to help but I wish more and more people would do like this.

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