Thinking ahead on a Tuesday

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Happy Tuesday, all! It is very wet outside today and I have taken a glorious day off of work to focus on my studying for an exam this Thursday and decided to do some blogging, as well.

I’m finding it hard to motivate myself- it has been years since I have studied- and my previous degree was in sociology, which was mainly papers, not exams.

Right now, I have a “rainy day” candle lit and this yucky weather has me thinking ahead to spring. I am getting the craving to go through all of my clothes, donate what I no longer wear, and go spring shopping.

Soooo, I may be thinking ahead a bit here. But I feel I must in order to make it through these cold days to come…. it will be here soon enough : )


Spring wish list:




A line buttoned denim skirts:


Ballet inspired Lace up flats:


Overall dresses:


Classic trench coats:

I have wanted one for years but just have not yet invested in one…


trench 2trench 1



Rompers. And basically anything else Alexa Chung wears…

Does anyone else have a Spring fashion wish list? What’s on yours?

12 thoughts on “Thinking ahead on a Tuesday

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  3. I cannot wait for spring to come either!

    One of my favorite things to wear in spring are amazing skirts. I also would love to buy more of those tink top dress, they feel so nice and flowy.
    For me it is never too early to look forward to Spring, especially when it comes to fashion.

    Love your Post!


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