A weekend of spring tease

Listening now…

I just found this song tonight- I find it so beautiful…enjoy.

I hope you have all and are still enjoying your weekend!

My weekend ended up being busier than I thought- but luckily, I got to spend some time out in the sun! We had 60 degree weather Saturday in the sunshine and it was a lovely little tease for Spring.

The pups quite enjoyed it, too.

weekend 1 squish.jpg

Again, the The struggles of a jack russell are real tough. Clearly.

weekend 5 book

My Sissy recommended this book to me and let me borrow it. I thought it is the perfect time to start it out in the sun on the swing- so far I love it….

weekend 360 degrees.jpgtubby sleepy in sun.jpg

When the babies were not busy sleeping in the sun, they were off chasing squirrels.

munch outside.jpgsunshine.jpg

We have been very lucky this year with a mild winter with many spring tease days. Days like this keep me going until spring actually comes. Oh sunshine, how I miss thee.

I was planning on enjoying the sunshine and lovely weather by going to Woodstock for the day. Mama surprised me by telling me we got 2 cords of wood delivered.

So, I spent the time in the sunshine in a much different way than I expected- stacking wood. 

I was just grateful it was so beautiful out and to have the workout for the day…especially since I did not make it to the gym last week….


That night, after all the hard work was done, we went out to dinner with friends- the place was lovely and we had never been there, so it’s always fun to try new things.

tavern 214 1

The moon was showing off for us that night, and I could not resist….

tavern 214 2.jpg

Blackberry Mojito!


Lobster mac n cheese and rib sliders…. YUM


Looking back and writing this, I spent the weekend eating very well.

Today, I participated in a work event- a huge fundraiser they have every year to raise money for the nonprofit I work for.

Last year, they raised $50,000.

This year, their goal was $75,000.

The fundraiser benefits an array of our different programs- both serving adolescents and adults- including our numerous homeless shelters and domestic violence shelters.

I felt honored to be paid to be here today and watch people donate with all of their hearts to such a great cause- and got to eat a lot of chocolate along the way, too.

The theme is a Chocolate Lover’s Brunch.

brunch 1me at brunch.jpgbrunch 2brunch 3brunch 4


The brunch features both a live and silent auction, with a bunch of items that have been donated to be auctioned on. 

brunch items

brunch food.jpg

I got paid to drink mimosas and eat chocolate today. Thank you, universe.

It feels nice to be inside tonight relaxing after a busy weekend.I have reached season 4 of Downton Abbey and am still just as obsessed.

But it was a very productive one, too!

What did you all do this weekend? Share with me!





8 thoughts on “A weekend of spring tease

  1. It was only in the 30s there so I was wrapped up but I did lay on our deck in my jacket and let the sun shine on my face. Felt good after a week of no sun. Did a lot of self care and catching up. I am so ready for the week.


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