A guide: 20 something myths…

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If you are not familiar with my guides, click here, where I pretend to know what I am doing about adulting. 

We clearly know that this is a confusing time. People do not make it any easier on us. The expectations society puts on us already add to our anxieties on top of our anxieties.

Often though, the expectations that we put on ourselves are way worse than anything outside of us.

There are a lot of myths going on out there about being in your 20’s, in my opinion.

So, I wanted to offer you a helpful guide to debunk these myths and do your own damn thang. 

Myth 1:  We have to do everything, right?

Guide: Do as much as you can while working hard, staying humble, and getting enough rest.

Somewhere along the way, I think we all picked up this idea that since other people are traveling all over the country, while working towards their masters degree, and volunteering all over the place- that we have to be doing this too, right? Nope.

I think comparison is our very worst enemy. People find themselves, or sometimes, create themselves at different paces. Some of us also need more naps, don’t judge.


Myth 2: Others know better for you…

Guide: Don’t trust other people to guide you to your happiness. Value your opinion the most.

Why do we do this, anyway? We make a decision or think about making one and ask everyone around us what they think. We ask for opinions and tend to value those rather than our own.

In the end, the person that deals with your decisions, good or bad, is you.


Myth 3: You are an “adult,” right?

Guide:  If you somehow already feel like a true adult already, you’re either doing it right or wrong, whichever way you want to look at it…for me, I am staying afloat while not really knowing what I’m doing, maintaining my car payment yet still playing sims and watching teen mom, while miraculously maintaining a full time adult job with real benefits and health insurance! As soon as I get home though, I put on my pajamas, not matter what time it is.

 I actually already have a guide for this, it’s your lucky day! [20 somethings guide to adulting


Myth 4: In college, you’ll figure everything out.

Guide: Hahahaa. In my opinion, it only got harder after college.

College was great for making me motivate myself towards a goal while multitasking, such as writing papers, working with full time school, maintaining relationships, etc. If you actually figured out your true career and passion in college, that’s great! However, I think most of us are just kind of floating around, working hard always and keeping goals. We may not be sure exactly where they lead, but I think the minute you become stagnant, you can lose some of your passion and drive. I think most of our passions are un-teachable. I think those are the things we find outside of the classroom, in real every day life experiences. And those experiences may sometimes, if not often, lead us into unexpected paths.

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Myth 5: You should no longer be cuddling with stuffed animals…

Guide: If someone says you should stop this in your 20’s,  you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life!

Cuddle all day, every day.

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22 thoughts on “A guide: 20 something myths…

  1. Me being an adult is like trying to run to catch a bus in your bath towel and only one shoe on and maybe it’s also raining and you got something in your eye. I have figured nothing out and I hate this pressure to know it all since I’m a 20-something. Like, no, please, no more responsibilities. I’m already loosing it!

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  2. Oh man, ending the post with your dog was the BEST. This post was so cute. I love how Myth 1 mentioned doing everything and it’s like, no matter who you are, you’ve got some envious of your situation, while you’re being envious of theirs. (Or at least wondering what the hell you are doing).

    For example, this year I’m going to be 25. I’m still in school (and will be till I’m nearing 27) and I can barely ‘adulting’ with my live-in boyfriend. I don’t know about you, but my apartment basically looks like my room in highschool. . . With more room and stuff XD

    On the other hand, I’ve got one friend who’s already a lawyer, and then everyone else popping out babies. There was a time where I wanted to hurry up and get married to have a cute lil baby but I’ve come to terms that it’s not in the cards until I’m nearly 30, and I’m totally ok with it, now (actually, a bit more than ok).


    • Thank you so much! I agree about the kids…i used to want kids sooner rather than later now I’m like hmmm…maybe when I’m late 20’s- early 30’s. I’d like to have them in my 20s though so i will still have energy! Lol. Don’t feel bad about school, either. I’m 24 and going back for my vet tech degree- so thats another 2 years [if I go full time, which I’m hoping to this fall]…


  3. Great thoughts! It’s a bit sad how we think getting to “adulthood” means having everything figured out. Actually, if I’d known it was going to be so hard to be an adult, I’d have wanted childhood to go a lot slower. Haha.

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