Weekly Round up

Listening now…

This song just makes you happy. Dance your Friday happy dance with me!

P.S.- I would love to be road tripping, canoeing, and roasting marshmallows on a beach somewhere like they are in the video- soon enough summer will be here! = )


Do you ever just have a week where you feel proud of yourself?


I had a great week, I hope you all did too! Welcome weekend! I plan on sleeping in and enjoying the warmer spring weather to come.

Weekly Round up:

I cooked 2 dishes this week in an effort to learn how to cook, made a big step towards a career with animals [hopefully I will have good news later, until then-can’t say much more!] I also went to the gym last night and my boyfriend taught me some of his gym techniques, which brought me out of my safe-gym routine comfort zone and brought on my sore muscles this morning, especially in the left arm.


Quiche is my all time favorite dinner lately. My mama showed me how to make her famous Quiche recipe– I highly recommend clicking on that link if you love a delicious and easy quiche. And if you’d like your quiche to look as delectable as this:

blog 1blog 2


Yummmmm. I love how you can add pretty much anything you want to it and it is pretty healthy, too!


On wednesday, I made my love dinner. It’s been awhile since I have cooked for him[and I barely cook in general, but want to learn!], so I was struggling to find a relatively easy but yummy recipe.

blog 3.jpg


I settled on a garlic parmesan chicken, rice, butternut squash, and texas toast. It was simple, but really good!


blog 5.jpg


Since I did the cooking, he brought the wine- which was really good. I’ve only recently gotten into red wines at all and I am having fun exploring.


blog 9 wine

It’s described as,


“California- Intense fruit aromas and flavors of rhubarb and black cherry that are complemented by hints of mocha and vanilla. The plush, velvety mouthfeel and smooth finish round out this intriguing, full-bodied red blend.”


Yummmm. You can find this wine here– 


The puppies enjoyed the chicken mixed in with their pebbles, too. As you can clearly see, they picked it out and left the pebbles scattered…. as I previously mentioned, struggles of a jack russell include when mommy gives you this yummy food but you must pick these annoying pebble things out of it.

Frankie stepped on one I had failed to pick up later that night and cursed in pain….oh puppies….


Last night, after the gym-  Frankie and I were famished and went to grab a burger. I loved the style of the restaurant, I had to take pictures!

restaurant 1

Aren’t these lights awesome?!

restaurant 2

Mermaid table!

restaurant 3

 How was your week? Tell me what you did!


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