Games on the watch: Tacoma


I’m releasing a new series on my blog called “Games on the watch,” where I’ll chat about games coming out that I will be trying once they are released.


A little while ago I introduced gaming to my blog. I talked about my 2 most favorite games of all time Gone Home and Life is strange.


The makers of Gone Home are releasing Tacoma spring 2017, but the release date is still not available. Originally they were going to release it this year, but it seems it has been delayed.


Like Gone Home, it is a story exploration adventure like series, where you can walk around, pick up objects, and use them as clues to uncover more of the story. My favorite kind of games!


The game is set in space, in the year 2088. You work in a space station called Tacoma and come into your first day of work to find your crew all missing. Like Gone Home, you are trying to find out why and where they have gone. Unlike Gone Home, you are in the future instead of in the 90’s. So you won’t have the nostalgia aspect of picking up 90’s paraphernalia, but will be picking up objects you may have to figure out a little… new technology we have never seen. So that will be interesting!

Check out the trailer here:



Check out the first 5 minutes of early gameplay:



I  can’t wait!


What do you guys think of Tacoma so far?













6 thoughts on “Games on the watch: Tacoma

  1. I am not a gamer at all, but your post caught me eye..cuz I live near Tacoma WA..ha I had to see what you had to say about the game…

    Very interesting..sounds like a fun game!

    Fashion and travel


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