Snowy April weekend

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Hope you all had a great weekend!

I love to read about what other people have done on their weekends. You may know, I enjoy writing about my weekend, too: A weekend of spring teaseWeekend rewind, and more on the blog.


I ended up going out to dinner with my mom and her boyfriend Friday night, then to my boyfriend’s friend’s 26th birthday party on Saturday, which was awesome because they have a beautiful house.


They live right near a reservoir with a dam, a creek runs along their house, and they have two old barns, one from the 1800’s which they are renovating into a distillery. He makes his own vodka, which we got to sample, and whiskey barrels and sells them.


I am very upset I did not get pictures of the barn itself, but I did get some of the inside of the house and wanted to share!




Clawfoot tub and waterfall shower….!



Also…you may or may not know that last time I attended a party, I hung out with the pup most of the night!


Always comforting to meet a pup as you walk in and don’t know anyone.


There was a dog and a cat actually, Flo [pup] and Cork [cat]. [Sorry for the blurry picture, lots of movement!]

They were playing a game of let the cat out of the bag….



Sunday we had a random snow squall which continued into today- leading to a foot of snow where I live! Ugh…



We went for a la la drive and came across this random lake we had never seen before. It was so pretty and unexpected to come across!


Sunday night we finished off the night with a taco making night and mint chocolate ice cream cones for desert : )


It was delicious and I had taco salad for lunch today as leftovers. Also I had a snow day today so the snow wasn’t too horrible!!




What did your weekend look like? Share with me! 🙂



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