Sunday weekly planning



I hope you all had a great weekend! I certainly have and am getting to the point where the Sunday blues kick in….


But, I always feel so much better about my week when I plan it ahead.


I’ve talked about my love for my Happy Planner before and how I got the big Happy Planner, only to find out the planning could not start until July…
So I am sticking to my little one until July comes and I can use it.


My sister says- how can you see everything you have planned with all of the stickers?!

planner 1


I just can’t help myself okay- when I bring out my stickers I go a little wild. Strawberry, cow, and peanuts stickers just somehow make their way in there even if they weren’t originally planned or don’t necessarily make sense… : )


planner 4

Been loving my new workout stickers. And I’m hoping to go to the aquarium this weekend, hence the turtle and fish stickers…

planner 2

planner 3

Recently, I switched out the pink discs for these gold ones and have been loving them.


I tried to stick to somewhat of a color scheme, but then my random little cow and Linus stickers came out.


I also want to get some different colored pens and try a more minimalist style with less stickers and more planning based on pen colors, just to see how I like it.


But I just don’t think I am a minimalist kind of person. We’ll see how it goes, I love experimenting with my planning.


Hope you all have a happy and productive week!


If you are a planner, what is your style of planning?

14 thoughts on “Sunday weekly planning

  1. OMG! I had never heard of Happy Planner before I found this post in the BPEG thread. Now I’m obsessed! I have to have one now, I just can’t decide which one. Thanks for this!


  2. I love using planners to plan out my week. My Erin Condren planner is the best thing ever when it comes to keeping my organized. I love being able to decorate it with lots of stickers,etc.


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