Today’s thoughts

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Some random thoughts buzzing around my brain today.

Enjoy bee.png



How spoiled my pups are. How I love them so much I want to squish them.

spoiled pup 1.jpg

She loves fruit, okay?

pups 1.jpg

Squishing and kissing all day every day.


Food. [This is less thinking lately and more like what I think of always, but yeah.]

My delicious watermelon feta salad I had for lunch and the kiwi- banana- strawberry- coconut smoothie I had for breakfast.



How busy my fall will be.

And how hard the classes will be…

My lack of a life for the next year and a half or so…

Yet how excited I am. I figured out a way to go part time at my job and attend school full time… I mapped everything out. Planned out a budget, putting away my tax return. And registered for classes!

I actually figured out today that I have to drop Restraint and Handling, which I didn’t want to do! Other people in the program have told me how fun the class is and that you go on field trips a lot and people bring their own pets in for demonstrations…but I need to work at least 24 hours at my job and keep my financial aid- so I’ll have to take it in the spring.

I am most nervous about Chem… and Animal Anatomy- but that sounds much more interesting to me than Chem.

school schedule.jpg

And how much I might need this mug:

vet student.jpg



What are you thinking of today?

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