A Saratoga kind of Sunday

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I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful 75 degree spring weather we are having! It was stunning out today and I had a weekend full of fun and soaked it all in.


Saturday Frankie and I went to our friend’s new house to visit and it felt like a mini vacation!

Saturday night was filled with beer, laughs,  and toasts made to each other while we did cheers.


Oh also- wings and lots of candy. Gym- here I come this week- ten fold!

cheers emoji.png



And there was also fun with Quinn.


They live about 20 minutes from Saratoga so on this warm Sunday we took a day trip in and originally just planned on having breakfast and walking around the town a little, but ended up going to the tattoo expo too because it happened to be going on today!


I love random little life surprises. 


For those of you who don’t know, Saratoga is known for their big horse races that take place during the season. So you end up seeing their horse pride all over town adding to the charming aspect of the little village.



Even the policemen trot around on horses.




They are proud sellers of Death Wish coffee


Another thing I love about Saratoga is how dog friendly they are. Many doggies roam freely and are invited inside.

Guys! And this place: Stinky Dog. Of course I saw it and right away knew I had to go in.



We walk in and are immediately smiled at by the lovely owner and artist herself and hear, “Stinky greetings!”


Basically the owner is an artist who made her boyfriend a dog stuffed animal out of a tweed fabric for a present and ended up drawing these stinky dogs as she was inspired- as I walked around, I see that these dogs have more of a social life than me. 

“Stinky Dog goes camping”

“Stinky Dog does ballet”

Etc, etc.

Example- apparently Stinky Dog enjoys the Saratoga racetrack himself!



They were definitely my favorite shop of the day.

You can check them out here: Stinky Dog website



Sloppy Kisses: another adorable doggy boutique


Stumbling upon the tattoo expo was fun. For only $10, you can roam around and check out local tattoo artist portfolios, pick up freebies, and get a tattoo or piercing while you are there!

I definitely want more tattoos, but right now I don’t have anything I really want for sure. And I like to be sure. [duh]

The expo has different events going on every day too- today was free caricatures and a psychic sideshow.




After the expo, we hit up Druthers Brewery for a drink.

It was an awesome atmosphere and I got a coffee beer which was yummy.

It felt amazing to be able to sit outside comfortable and I knew that summer is on it’s way = )



Next was ice cream at Kilwins– apparently they have been there since 1947. It was delicious. I could not decide between butter pecan, pistachio or cake batter- but you can never go wrong with Mint Chocolate Chip.


What can I say, I love to eat and drink, okay?


So… before we left, we were lucky enough to go visit the Saratoga Casino & Raceway.

Our friend works in the IT department and needed to grab something.

So we came along for the ride and got out and watched the Jockeys who were practicing before a race.

It was so cool to watch! And another awesome unexpected surprise of the day, too.



We took the Jeep top down on the way home and rode off into the sunlight, filled with gratitude and the feeling of summer coming in our lungs.


I also came home with a Saratoga haul! And most of it was free from the expo- so many stickers! You know how I loveeee stickers.

Those little tiny solo cups I won at the psychic sideshow. I went on stage- ! Oh, and you can’t really tell in the picture, but I got a Daria patch that is also a sticker.?!? I was so psyched. Anyone else remember Daria? 



Loot includes: Stinky dog stickers and magnet, Saratoga coffee traders iced coffee cup, mini solo cups, “Mom” fake tattoo, Daria patch/sticker as well as many other sweet stickers.


What did your beautiful weekend look like?!


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