Conquer yourself


Every now and then I find that perfect song that represents exactly what I am trying to say in a post- this is one of them. Definitely worth a listen while reading…


be patient



If nothing could stop you, not even yourself– what would you conquer?


Would you start over again based on a feeling that you needed to re-invent yourself…?


If not…is something stopping you- is the something you?


As humans, I think we seem to trust our feelings pretty well. That gut feeling of- this is right for me and that is wrong.


So why are we less likely to follow through on the feeling of what is right for us?


We’re scared- mainly of failure, I think we are afraid to disappoint ourselves. It makes sense. But the thing is- the time will pass anyway. So you may as well invest in it trying that new scary opportunity that gives you that feeling of I think this is right.


Even if it doesn’t work out- so what? You came out stronger and newer, for following through on one of your passions and wants that you couldn’t get out of your mind until you gave it a go. If you are thinking about it while you lay awake at 4am when you can’t sleep, you should probably do it.


We are fearful of the new and the unknown- like me, I have this idea that I am bad at science. I am now entering a science specific field so I can work with animals.I think I was “bad” at science because I never took anything I was interested in- I did okay, got average grades in human bio and chem.Ā 


I think once you plant this idea into your mind as a seed, it will grow.


Whatever it may be- Oh, I must be bad at science. Well then, I won’t try that again.


Or maybe it’s-I can never get past that “feeling like I can’t breathe” horrible feeling while running. Okay then, I’ll only run this mile over and over and over again.Ā 




What do you wish to conquer in your life?

What is your first step to making it happen?


6 thoughts on “Conquer yourself

  1. I am a huge huge fan of inspiring quotes! This post is filled with such amazing ones!! I loved the opportunity one and also the last one about living the same life ver and over agan. Thank you so much for sharing šŸ™‚


  2. Your music choices always suit your posts really well. šŸ™‚

    Oddly, I’ve become less and less willing to take risks as I get older. Sometimes I think it would be cool to do something totally risky [such as moving to a completely different state or country], but then I get scared of leaving behind the safe and familiar. It’s not like I’m unhappy where I am; I just wonder what it’d be like if my life went in a totally different direction than where it’s going now. Hmm..


  3. What beautiful quotes. Love the looking up one and yes we fail so much because we fail to try. We all have so many hidden talents and let fear stop us. Enjoyed this.

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