Weekend roundup ; Sunday weekly planning

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I hope you guys are having a lovely weekend! 


This one was pretty busy for me actually. I am still not done yet- I have to study my butt off tonight and tomorrow night so I am blogging as part of my procrastination…



I spent all day Saturday volunteering for a “Fill the Van” event for the SPCA.


For this event, they focus on filling the van with supplies for the animals staying at the shelter. This includes food, toys, treats, etc.


We also accepted donations and sold a few items as well- it was a big success!


We were also accompanied by 2 furry friends that were up for adoption, to both lure people in to give donations and to hopefully get people interested in thinking about adopting them.


At our table, we had Jingles.


A2-3 year old Pit mix and the sweetest little girl ever. She got loads of attention and helped keep the 5 hour day fun!


We did pretty well on our donations, too ; )


Thanks Jingles!


Also, our Volunteer shirts are pretty great too. [ don’t mind my hair- needs to be dyed!]

“Keep calm and carry treats” 



After a quick nap and a delicious dinner at home, I headed out for a few hours to see some friends. I got to hear some surprisingly good Frank Sinatra karaoke, which I wish I filmed!


My friend really wanted to take a shot off of a ski [ ski town mountain thing I guess- we’re late on this one, considering it’s almost May- haha]


I am not a shot girl by any means but I agreed mainly for the picture and the sake of trying something new.


And so…we did….we can check that one off the bucket list, eh?


Lots of coordination involved in this one guys, the trick is to have everyone lift it at the exact same time.





Today I helped mom out in her garden . I love being outside and totally do not mind the outdoor chores on a lovely day.


I was multitasking between helping mom and throwing the ball around for the little squish, who let me know very loudly with her squeaky ball that she needed to play.



Sunday hobbies include: stalking chipmunks and squeaking ball while owners try to get their work done.


Speaking of chipmunks…


We came across this beautiful woodpecker [pictured left] and saw our usual cardinal friend perched on the tree to the right. The puppies found this woodpecker pecking and stared at in in awe, so I looked to see what they were looking at and found him!



I couldn’t be happier that Spring is finally here to stay.


After this,  I headed out to do some errands for mama such as a trip to the dump and the grocery store. Fresh fruit for my smoothies for the week, yay!

And then I sat down to plan out my week.


Weekly Planning…

I love to plan out my week in my Happy Planner on sundays lately.


I go into my week less stressed knowing what I have to do and what I have going on.


I think a trip to Michaels is due soon- I really want to try using scrapbook paper in my planner…


Here’s how my weekly layout came out this week:

I used permanent market this week instead of pen, but then realized it bleeds through onto the other pages- so I probably won’t be doing that again.

I really want to get some different colored pens and start color coordinating things [if I do that I will probably not use as many stickers]



My sister is having  a Harry Potter trivia night for her birthday this weekend. You don’t know how badly I wished I had Harry Potter stickers for this week…I will be sure to blog about that!


What did your weekend look like and what are your weekly plans?

19 thoughts on “Weekend roundup ; Sunday weekly planning

  1. My weekend was definitely not as packed as yours ( I love shot skis btw). But i do think that a integral part in having a successful week is planning it out during the week and getting more things accomplished over the weekend.

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  2. Volunteering and gardening – sounds like the perfect weekend! Planning out your week is a good idea, I find it helps me so much when I sit down and look through my planner and figure out what needs to be done when!


  3. OH EM GEE! That pup is toooo cute. I would have absolutely melted!!! And congrats on getting some good donations, loved that you were able to volunteer and raise funds. GREAT JOB!!! ❤


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