Back to the blogging world

Listening now…

Now I’m running late
And I’m not a coffee drinker,
But I lost sleep just thinking of you.
So pour me a cup,
I need to wake up,
I need me some love.
Now give it to me.”

Love this song.

girl GIF



I want to be like this. Sittin’ with the fishies, relaxing, not stressing about the future.

She is not worried how she will get up and out, she just sits.

She enjoys the moment….

Letting the chaos wash around you. But not consume you.


So happy to be back to the blogging world and focusing on this again. I have realized that blogging helps me live in the present.

I can’t wait to share my summer adventures with you all and read about yours!

This weekend we have our favorite Farmer’s market that I featured in my first ever written post on here.

And here, too.

So I will be sure to blog about that with many pictures again.


And I finished my class off with an 85, even though I am pretty sure I am pursuing other things.

After the relief of that was over, we attended a family wedding, which was beautiful. I did not take too many pictures, but we did manage to hit up the photo booth. [Classic.]




Next week we go on vacation on a camping extraordinaire trip to Virginia Beach and then to Ocean city, Maryland. While I will not be blogging while there, I can’t wait to share the adventure with you later!


What kind of adventures are you getting into this summer?

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