Monday gratitude





OK. I was kinda cranky this morning. Mondays have been harder for me as of late- have you ever been in a funk? I feel a little funky lately.

But I know things I also have not been doing that need to be done. To maintain my  sanity, my happiness, and my gratitude for the everyday little simple things. Which is why I started this little blog right here in the first place.

These things that have been lacking include: noticing my daily gratitude, stopping and listening to myself slowly and quietly, focusing on the present instead of the future.





So, speaking of gratitude and stopping and listening to yourself…

Today I am grateful for…


Yoga class tonight, taught by my sissy – as this post says, I need some clarity, time to breathe, and meditation in my life today.


Stranger Things on Netflix:

You have heard about it by now, right? If not- go watch! It is a binger, so prepare yourself to want to or actually watch all episodes in 1 night.


Modern Family.

Lately, if I do feel funky, I put on this show and it makes me laugh and brightens my day.


Thunderstorms. I love the heat- but it’s been very humid and hot and the earth needed some water. As did I- I got caught in it today and felt great!


Loving someone so much that you get sad leaving them after every time.

Sunday nights after a whole weekend spent together are especially hard, but also, I’m grateful to even have that.



What are you grateful for today?




8 thoughts on “Monday gratitude

  1. Such wonderful gratitudes. There is always something to be grateful for – even when it doesn’t seem like it. I’ve not made the time to binge on Stranger Things but it’s on my list. I just need a day with nothing planned – or a really good Thunderstorm. Hope it’s a great week.

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