Friday thoughts…


YAY, weekend!



I am back from a beautiful trip to Provincetown, Mass. That will be a separate post- but I just wanted to blog something little for now.

I feel refreshed and came back to a trip to a water park with our job, which was not a bad day at the office, if you ask me.

So far all I have planned for this weekend is celebrating my love’s birthday tonight, going to the Farmer’s market in the morning, and Saturday after that will hopefully include a lot of down time and spending time with my puppies. Sunday will be a busy one filled with music at a festival, I am finally going to see the Lumineers and I am so excited!



But yes, a nap is necessary.


Summers are always busy, and I love having lots of adventures, but being a huge introvert I need plenty of naps, alone time, and puppy snuggles in order to maintain a healthy and happy self, as well as to balance out the busyness.



What are your plans for the weekend?









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