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We took a trip to Provincetown, Mass last week with our friends to camp and enjoy the town. We stopped in Boston on the way for a brief detour.

First stop was the Arnold Arboretum at Harvard University to climb some trees.


trip 1.jpg


Next up, we did the Sam Adams brewery tour. 


sam adams 1.jpgsam adams 3.jpg


Next we headed into Provincetown. We set up camp at Dune’s Edge campground, which was a nice campground and about 5 minutes from the main town. However, we did not know until we got there that they do not allow any campfires. [Partly our fault because I think it was listed on the website] You can get a permit- but you have to get that 3 days in advance. You can also get a permit for a beach campfire, but that has to be 3 days in advance too. What is camping without a campfire, am I right?!


I found a campground about 25 minutes out of Provincetown that seemed to allow fires. If I were to go camping near P Town again, I would probably choose that option. But I guess it depends on how near the action you want to be and how much you care about camping with a campfire! To me, it’s essential. And so are smores.


After setting up camp we headed into town to check it out…

An amazing thing about this little town is that it has been declared the gayest city in the U.S. 

And you see this pride all over as you walk around : )

p town 1.jpg tower p town.jpgsign.jpg

boom boz.jpg

This kid was pretty awesome. And that is a man dressed as a pilgrim to the left, telling us about Provincetown history as we ate our breakfast. Here-people are not afraid to be who they are. 



Another amazing thing about this town is that if you head to the edge of it, only a few feet away, you find the beach.


p town 2.jpgp town beach.jpg


Another reason to love P Town: people here really love their pooches.

These little babies can be seem doing everything from swimming and catching fish at the beach, to shopping with their owner, to having a casual drink at the bar.


pooch beachp town 2

p town pooch 2.jpg

coffee 1.jpg

This coffee shop was a favorite of mine. So much sunlight streaming in!



Bar scene:


The bar scene in P Town was great. We visited a bar overlooking the water with an eclectic industrial beachy style inside.


tables at bar.jpg

I loved these homemade tables made out of a boat dock.

boat hostess stand.jpg

And the boat hostess stand…!

noreaster bar.jpg

Loved this place- Nor’East Beer Garden– they gave me a coffee with their homemade Bailey’s in it and it was delicious.

atlantic house.jpg

Atlantic house bar– cool environment, kind of too sassy for my liking bartender. I did not know until researching after this is the oldest bar in P Town-1798.



There is so much shopping to be done in this town- I got this amazing shirt, I wish I had remembered from what store. But there are many small local artist shops selling their own Provincetown designs. I am an ice cream fanatic, so it’s pretty perfect for me.


P town shirt.jpg

dog store

A favorite shop of mine was Paws & Whiskers– I told you they loved their pooches here. Yes, that is a doggy stroller.


Breakfast places:


Our first breakfast stop was at Devon’s. These are not the best pictures, but I loved the indoor decor with the glam style.

devons sign.jpgdevons glam.jpg


I got the eggs benefit, so yummy.

post office cafe.jpg

Our breakfast stop on our last day in Provincetown. Every dish had a box # name to go with the post office theme, which was really cute. This is where we got a meal and a show with our pilgrim friend from earlier on in the post.


Riding the beach dunes:


On our last day- we brought the Jeep and got a permit to ride on the beach dunes.


riding dunes 1.jpg

beach tracks.jpghot dogs.jpglighthouse.jpgjeep pano.jpg

frog togs.jpg

We made the best of the crappy weather we had. Thank God for frog togs. 


The sunshine came out right before we left as a farewell from P Town. 


What do you think of Provincetown? Have you ever been- if so, share your story with me!

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    • Thanks Jessica! Me too- not sure what the meaning is, but I loved it- they do have “bear week” in p town- not sure what that is either haha, but I think that has something to do with it.


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