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Autumn is my favorite season. There are just SO many feel- good things happening in this season. I get a warm and fuzzy feeling like during the Christmas season, but a different kind of feeling. 

I wanted to make a list of my favorite things about fall that I get excited about every year! 


1.)  Leaves changing, Chasing leaves, leaf peeping: Fall photography.

Now that I have my own camera, I am even more excited for this. I got my camera in the perfect time! I am so excited to go for drives and chase the changing leaves. 

I took this picture last year , on September 14th. 

leaves changing .jpg

fall colors.jpg

September 29th, 2013.


2.) Fall movies.  Mama and I have already watched You’ve got mail. My absolute favorite fall movie. Which, I don’t even know if it truly counts as a fall movie because there is also Christmas and winter in there, for probably the same amount of time. 


3.)Fall candles. Currently lit right now while I write: Autumn leaves by Yankee Candle simply home. 

Here’s a list of last year’s favorite fall candle scents, which I think all sound delicious smelling. Fall candles. I need to take a trip to yankee and bath & body works. However, I recently bought a Macintosh apples and pumpkin spice candle from TJ Maxx, which has been doing the job perfectly and probably for half the price of both of these stores. Would highly recommend checking there first!


4.) Fall fashion. Shorts and dresses with tights, scarves, light jackets. Most importantly, boots are back! I wrote a blog post recently about my fall fashion inspiration.  Since then, I have become even more excited- mainly about clothes with patches, varsity and bomber jackets, cropped denim with frays, sneakers, and sweaters with elbow patches… hopefully a fall haul soon to come. Last year, I wrote about my fall outfit  for the Oktoberfest festival that I went to, which is actually my next excitement on my list. 


5.) Oktoberfest.   

My favorite fall festival, that goes on for 4 weekends in a row in my home town. 

Oktoberfest festivities  are always something to remember.  

Riding the ski lift up and down the mountain with the crisp October air while  admiring the  array of colors, spread so sporadically over the valleys, appropriate of the early October time setting. It’s something I just feel like you can’t beat. 




We went in 2014, too, with our friends. 

Our Oktoberfest is the absolute best because it’s situated right in the mountains in the Hudson Valley- including food, beer, kettle corn, and riding the ski lift.  With your beer, if you prefer. : )


2014 fest.jpg


6.) Fall hiking.  

I didn’t hike nearly enough this summer. But I also prefer to hike when it’s cooler out. 

I can’t think of a more perfect time to hike than in autumn, with the cool crisp air and changing and falling leaves around you. 


fall hike.jpg


7.) Pumpkin, apple picking, and corn mazes. 

pumpkin pick.jpgcorn.jpg


8.) Halloween parties. Fall cocktails!

Last year, I had a Halloween party and it was my first ever party that I threw on my own.


It was really fun planning it and getting everything ready! I had just as much fun photographing everything and blogging about it…

Okay- now looking back, I did not make any fall cocktails for my party. I think I was too busy with the decorating to focus on that!

Pinterest has an array of mouth watering fall cocktails like this caramel apple sangria:

sangira.jpgfall drinks.jpg


9.) Being spooky. 

Last year, Frankie and I had “Spooky nights” every so often, where we would watch a Halloween or fall movie and do fall- oriented things. Like craft. I know I’m a nerd, but it was fun.

Being spooky also means dressing as vampires.



Or carrying a skeleton on the side of the highway.

[We were doing a photoshoot]

Halloween 2.jpg


10.) American Horror story. 

I am a huge fan of the show. For Halloween last year, Frankie and I dressed as Meep and Lobster boy from the Freak show season.

There was a costume contest and I was very upset we did not win, but was convinced it was because no one knew who we were because they didn’t watch the show. I urge you to watch AHS! All the seasons are now on netflix.


ahs costumes.jpg


I also dressed as Misty Day from the Coven season for my party last year…


The new season premieres this Wednesday- and there have been many hints, but overall, they have been very secretive about what the season is about. I have heard all sorts of rumors, and they have released many mini trailers, but none really telling what the season is about.

There have been a lot of “6’s” in the posters and trailers. I have heard the season is about the lost colony, which I think would be pretty cool. But we will have to wait and find out!




 What are your favorite fall things?

17 thoughts on “Fall favorites

  1. This is such a fun post. I love all the photos and that sangria looks amazing! Although I love summer, fall is my second favorite season. I love the crisp air, the changing leaves, the crunching leaves, the smell of fires burning in fireplaces, Halloween, and especially Thanksgiving. There’s something exciting in the air when summer turns to fall.

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    • Hey Mistle- thanks for the comment! Oh my goodness, you have to go!!! The pumpkin patch we go to is awesome because they have pumpkin picking and a corn maze all in one thing…so they bring you around on a little tractor around the farm and drop you off in the corn maze to find your way out lol they also have cute animals!


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