Friyay Thoughts…

Happy Friday all!


So what are you thinking about today?

Here are my current thoughts buzzing around my brain.


Friyay thoughts…

New band discovery: AJR.


Discovered   AJR  this morning. And so glad I did! They were on the Elvis Duran and the morning show this morning. Little did I know, my friend reminded me that they opened for a Melanie Martinez concert we went to last year!

It’s funny because they mention Elvis Duran in their song:

“I can’t complain, no, I won’t be mourning

Cause I skipped on prom

For Elvis Duran in the morning”

One of the brothers told the story of how he actually did skip his prom because he had to take an early flight out the next morning to go perform for Elvis Duran’s show at a mall. How funny and inspiring if that?

Take a listen…




September’s Black moon tonight.


Black moon

“A black moon occurs when there are two new moons within the same month.”

The stars are supposed to be even brighter tonight because of this. So make sure to look up tonight!

black moon.jpg

Halloween costume ideas.


I think this one is really funny, although I am not super thrilled about being a tree.


bob ross and tree.jpg



Thinking about how I’ve been slacking on my Abandons posts and my 20 something guides.


These are my favorite kind of posts to do. And the hardest to get done. I have been thinking about new places to explore for abandoned treasures and 20 something guide ideas…

So far I have done:

A 20 something’s guide to Adulting

A 20 something’s guide to an anxious mind   (Which also doubles as a biography of my life)

A guide: 20 something myths

A 20 something’s guide to housework


Any ideas?



Wine and my bed.


Pretty much since I woke up I have been thinking about both of these things…


wine quote.jpg


What are your Friday thoughts?



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