Christmas has come and gone…

Listening now…    music-notes

I hope you all had a good holiday!

How has Christmas come and gone already?

I wanted to share a bit of my festivities with you all since it is my favorite time of the year.

On Christmas Eve, we traveled down to my love’s side of the family in Long Island.

I had so much fun embracing the differences of celebrations between our families and playing with all of the little babes!



The coolest was when Santa showed up on Christmas Eve! They have a friend that does this every year for them and even buys her a bunch of gifts….so cool.  #greatguy #santa

santa and maddi.jpgbaby-kenny


On Christmas day…..we got just a tad excited….



Can you spot the toys Santa brought the pups? #moo #oink


I was actually crafty this year with mama’s gift and made this chalkboard wine bottle that says “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas but if the white runs out, I’ll drink the red!”

I am very proud of it =D


wine bottle.jpg


2 of my personal favorite gifts from santa this year include these lace up over the knee boots and this shirt I am wearing in this picture that could not be more perfect.




The skirt was from Santa too and I love it so much! The shirt says, “I just want to drink wine save animals and take naps.” TRUTH.



On top of the amazing Christmas festivities, me and the babies got some quality time together….


tiny baby.jpg


How did you all spend your holiday?

19 thoughts on “Christmas has come and gone…

  1. I loved seeing the guy dressed as Santa Claus handing out toys. My grandfather used to do that when my cousins and I was little. We all knew it was really him, but pretended that he was really Santa. Glad you had a merry Christmas.

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    • That’s amazing Kim….what a great guy. I’m sure it gave him so much happiness to do that with you guys. I just think it is SO cool that this was just their good friend and he wanted to do this for her every year and even spent his own money, so nice. 🙂

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  2. Awwww, so sweet!!! ❤ and love that you have a Santa who joins in on the festivities–that's amazing! Love your over-the-knee boots (and that shirt sounds like something I'd love, too–those are all of my favorite things!). my mom got me a shirt that says I NEED A HUGE BOTTLE OF WINE. #accurate, ha!

    PS: you always share the best music here. Thank you for introducing me to new tunes!

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    • Thank you for always reading, charlotte! I find all of my music on “discover weekly” on spotify- I find the best tunes there! The disappointing part about my shirt is that I washed it today and the letters already came off ; (


  3. Your Christmas looks like it was lovely! My favorite part about Christmas this year was making memories with my family i’ll remember for the whole year ahead 🙂

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