A Sunday in Spring

Listening now…



This weekend started out being a lazy one, which was much needed, but then turned into a very productive one!

I listed things on Ebay, I did my homework, I answered blogger comments, helped my mom in the garden for hours today, cleaned out my car and did the dreaded dump chore!

It was in the upper 60’s on the mountain top today….so I definitely took time to enjoy the sunshine and felt so much gratitude.




Isn’t it amazing when the ground thaws out, wakes up, and comes alive again?

You don’t realize how good dirt smells or how green the grass is until you’ve been deprived of it in the cold hard months of a long winter.

Is that our own faults for not remaining completely present in the moments in front of us? Or is that simply……human?

As humans, like the dirt and the grass, we, too, wake up in the spring again.

We roll over and stretch, yawning out the tiredness the winter brought upon us.




Everyone was feeling the gratitude of the sunshine today….




You could hear it in their songs. Songs of praise for the day we had in front of us…



Perched politely, waiting for his friends to finish their Sunday brunch.




Caught ya little chipmunk….



Running away from Monday like…


What did you do to enjoy this Sunday?

10 thoughts on “A Sunday in Spring

  1. It was such a beautiful weekend ❀ I spent most of yesterday outside with the boys (my bf and dog, obviously, lol). We actually went to a local park and visited/paid our respects to the 9/11 memorial including the new canine memorial that they put up.

    Love all of your photos! And what a sweet chipmunk! Glad you are enjoying the weekend and hope you have a great week ahead πŸ™‚

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  2. Your mom is right! This was a really lovely post and you took wonderful pictures too πŸ™‚

    That chipmunk running away with his cheeks full cracked me up!

    I hope you all have a really lovely Easter πŸ™‚


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