20 somethings guide to accepting and loving change

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It’s been awhile since I have done a 20 somethings guide! If you haven’t checked them out, check out my 20 somethings guide to an anxious mind,  guide to 20 somethings myths, 20 somethings guide to adulting, and a 20 somethings guide to housework. 


Prepare for a lot of quotes in this post. As I looked up quotes about change, I related to so many of them, I simply could not pick one.

I have to tell you all something. Change is scary for me.  I mean, I know it’s scary for everyone, but it’s scary for me to the point where I feel like I let it dictate some of my life and my decisions and that is not okay. The good thing is that I realized that I was doing that and I took action to change it.

It’s all part of growing up, right?

I just made a scary, but necessary change in my own life. I have gone part time at my current stable job to pursue working at an animal hospital part time as well.
(Doing both part time to be working full time) It may not sound like much to some people, but to me it was and is a proud moment. Working with animals is something I have been pursuing for awhile now and I realized I am not going to get any closer to that dream where I was, although my current job is stable and I do enjoy it. The benefits are great, the pay is okay, and I have great friends there. I will be there 3 years this August and knowing me, I could be there another 5, easily.

There is nothing wrong with wanting stability and this is really important to me as well. But there is something wrong with settling and being too scared to pursue anything else, simply because you are comfortable.

With this comes some compromises, and scariness, and I am still not sure this is the angle of working with animals I want to pursue exactly- but that’s okay.

So I thought maybe if I can help even one person make these scary, but unnecessary changes to their life, then I have done okay.


1.) Scary is good.


You know these butterflies? Both the scary and the exciting ones, I think we should pursue them more. I think they are intertwined and you often can’t have one without the other…


2.) Get out of your way


How often do we hold ourselves back from what we want to try because of our fear? I think most of our fears of change come from the possibility of failure. My therapist always asks me, “what is the worst case scenario?” Here’s a hint: 9/10 of the times my “worst” case scenario is really not as bad when I say it out loud as it sounds in my own mind.


 3.) Regret is probably worse than any scary change you make. Personally, I would rather not learn this lesson too late. 



4.)  We are built to adapt. 



Changing up our routine awakens our souls and can teach us so much about ourselves that we never knew, especially about our capabilities and strength.


5.)  Change is necessary to our growth. If something does not work out, you can always shift again…change as many times as you need to.

I always loved this quote from the Curious Case of Benjamin Button movie:

“For what it’s worth: it’s never too late or, in my case, too early to be whoever you want to be. There’s no time limit, stop whenever you want. You can change or stay the same, there are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope you make the best of it. And I hope you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things you never felt before. I hope you meet people with a different point of view. I hope you live a life you’re proud of. If you find that you’re not, I hope you have the courage to start all over again.”

― Eric Roth, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Screenplay


Is there something you are scared to change right now or a scary change you have recently overcome?

16 thoughts on “20 somethings guide to accepting and loving change

  1. ahhhh so true, we are our biggest hindrances. I cant count how many times a day i hinder myself and have to call myself to order. Also about regret, so true, its better to try somethign and fail than to regret and start saying if i had known blah blah.

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  2. Good for you for making this change, even if it is a scary one! This was helpful for me to read right now. There’s a change I’m anticipating for the summer that I’m excited for and really hoping for, but it also scares me, so this was helpful to read. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Crystal, I am so glad I could help!!! I hope you get that change you really want and when you do that you feel the courage to take it on!! Thank you so much for reading and commenting. 🙂


  3. I always love stopping by your home ❤ You always inspire me. I agree completely… I used to be crippled with fear when it came to making changes in my life, but you know what? I've learned the most out of all of those moments, and I wouldn't be where I am if I had spent that time saying my shoulda-woulda-couldas, ya know? Life is short. I don't have time for regret. I want to reach the end of my days with satisfaction that "I did it my way" and that I’m proud of the moments where I thought “shit, this is scary” but I leapt anyway.

    Thanks for this ❤ And so excited to hear about this change in your life. Sending so much love your way.

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  4. I love this post. I have faced a lot of change the past few years and at this point I just accept it. I know not all change will be what I want or in my control. Fortunately I’ve had enough experiences that I’ve seen how a change in the plan can lead to something even better than I expected.

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    • Yes-Definitely agree with you 100%! I am hoping this change will work out better than expected, and if not, I’ll just go to plan B. I think we all should embrace mistakes and failures a bit more as learning experiences. Thanks for reading!!


  5. I’m certainly a lot older than 20 something, but I can relate. I have some decisions to make in my life and the only thing standing in the way? ME. You’re lucky to have such a wonderful supportive mom, but you know that 😉

    Speaking of… I loved your last post with the picture of your mom working in the garden and Monkey. He’s such a doll!

    Good luck with your new job 🙂


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    • Thank you so much rue!! I really am lucky to have a supportive family and boyfriend- I hope you figure out whatever decisions you need to in your life as well!! We are all just trying to figure it out …:)


  6. Hey Shannon! 🙂 thank you for this post- it was just what I needed at the moment!
    I also go through a lot of changes at the moment, while I normally try to embrace change and be excited about it- of course there are those moments where I just doubt everything of course all at once 😀
    So thanks again- especially for the first quote, reminded me to never settle for less than you actually want.

    And well done to you that you are working part time your job (i guess the one that pays your bills :p) and the other one because you love working with animals. I have the same “dilemma”, I’m still studying but would love to have a job with animals, knowing it’s super hard to live from that.
    Warm wishes,

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    • Hey Franzi! Apologize for the late reply as I was traveling but I just wanted to say thank you so much. It always makes blogging so much better when I get thoughtful comments like this, feeling like I at least helped one person. And yes! I hear you on that… whatever way you can figure it out to do both pay your bills and do your passion do that 🙂 I know we will both figure it out!

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