Weekend Roundup

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Friday night Frankie and I went to a summer concert series on the water and one of our favorite bars that has a corn hole and a fire pit. There were two separate concerts- this one down below and a Pink Floyd tribute band that was also really good!

I love this bar because you feel like you are sitting under a huge willow tree, which reminds me of my childhood. My nana’s yard had this huge willow tree we used to climb all day in the summer! Between this, the fire pit, and the lights lighting the path it has a really cozy feel to it.


athens 1athen 4athens 3


Saturday I went to a wine, chocolate, and strawberries festival with my friends- a girl’s dream come true! #Hudsonvalleywinery

If you want to check them out- this is them!

I ended up buying the Spiced apple wine which is amazing and will be wonderful in fall warmed up!

vineyard 2vineyard



wine and choc

The Strawberry and Raspberry wines were my favorite!


wine sign

; )





Sunday we wanted to explore and this hike has been on our list for awhile now. (Pratt Rock Hike)

“New York’s Mount Rushmore”


treesview 2view



blog post 1love treeme and daisedaise and frankie

rain and green

Green and rain.

horse rock 2horse rockrock 1rock 2rock 3rock 4rock 5rock 6rock 7rock 8rock 9rock 10rock 11rock 12rock 13rock 15rock 16


“Let virtue be your greatest care,

And study your delight,

So will your days be ever fair

And peaceable your nights.”


rock quoterock couch


What did you do this weekend?





6 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup

  1. Such beautiful pictures ❤ Man, you guys are doing it right in the Hudson Valley… I love this song. That bar sounds like the perfect place to spend a summer evening… and your hiking pics are incredible. I am sad I missed that winery on our visit! I'll have to check it out. The spiced apple wine sounds amazing (AND YUM! Dessert pics, my faaaaav) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the comment charlotte! We love the Hudson valley 🙂 you def need to come back and visit there is so much to do! This bar has def become our favorite lately. If you decide to come up again and need recommendations let me know!:D


  2. Now that is a bar I could go to and frequent over and over. The vibe looksreally fun and real chill.
    Your hike looks challenging but fun. That’s awesome you took your little Jack with you. I guess he kept up real well, eh?

    Link up with us more often if you’d like. 😉

    Have a great week babes!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Lindsay! I will definitely link up more often I love the links! And yes Daisy our jack is 8 now but still a young little pup in spirit and attitude lol the hill was very short but all uphill and challenging, she was going ahead of us she seemed more in shape than we did! Lol :p Thanks so much for the comment!


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