Hints of fall…

Listening now…



I see hints of fall all around me already.

Living on the mountain top you see the tippy tops of the trees changing very quickly.

August seems non existent and before you know it, the trees are almost all orange.

I am a local leaf peeper and on the way home this weekend I had mom pull over to get these photos with my camera! People probably think I am a tourist but that’s okay.


fall colors 1so cutefall colors 2fall girl 2berriesmushroomsapples



And every time we wonder
What we left back in your hearts
Could you see we’re dreaming
Though our minds just fall apart
But we will end up somehow
With a peaceful mind
And you are leading me now
To the site where I flew from you
When your pace just scared me blind
We will come back and joke of days
When I sold you to the unkind
We will end up somehow
With a peaceful mind
And you are leading me now




4 thoughts on “Hints of fall…

  1. Love your cozy photos and this song. So very much. I saw those winter white pumpkins at Whole Foods yesterday, and part of me wasn’t ready while another part of me wanted to bring them all home and create a cozy fireplace scene. Though I don’t have a fireplace, so I’ll just have to think of other creative ways to decorate 🙂

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    • I love those white pumpkins Charlotte!

      Thank you so much, you always understand how my blog posts go with my songs and I am so honored to have you as a reader (and blog friend!!) because I really feel like you understand what I’m going for. Can’t wait to see your future fall decoration blog posts! ; ) XOXOXO


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