The best cozy autumn movies

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I was sitting here trying to think of something to write about…sometimes that is a struggle as a blogger.

Then it came to me- this is kind of a classic post, but one I have never done myself and always love reading.

My mom and I love to watch fall movies together- every time I try to search for recommendations online for them, it seems a lot of the same ones come up or they are more in the scary category.

I wish they had as much selection for fall movies as they do for Christmas! But…I am here to help! Here are a few of my all time favorite, classic, have-to-watch-every-year autumn movies.






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Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon- what more can you ask for? It’s a tale of Julia Roberts as the “Stepmom,” struggling to make her way into the kids and their mom’s life. If you haven’t yet watched it, the best part is when they are all singing and dancing to “Ain’t no mountain high enough!” (Hence the song in this post)  Something about that scene just gives me such good feels. I’ve loved this movie since I was a kid (thanks mom) and that song still never fails to lift me up when I need it.  I encourage you to dance to this song if you are ever feeling sad, I promise it works.

This movie actually has a few seasons in it, but it definitely hits home with fall for me since there are really quite a few beautiful foliage scenes!

Warning: This is a really sad one 😦  Actually a few of these are…. I love a good cry.


You’ve got Mail. 



Meg Ryan. Tom Hanks. 1998!




I talked about my love for this in my Fall favorites post. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks are at first rivaling owners of bookstores- Meg with her little “Shop around the corner” and Tom Hanks with his big corporate bookstore. They become random AIM messaging strangers who don’t realize who they are talking to…. you can probably guess the rest from there!


When Harry Met Sally.


Another amazing Meg fall movie. Meg’s fall outfits with her blazers and hats! 2 friends and their really funny interactions. That beautiful foliage!


Sweet November.


Another sad one but so worth it.


This movie has been another fall favorite since I was a kid. It is also where I first developed a crush on Keanu Reeves and realized that only Charlize Theron can look that beautiful with short hair. (Okay, and Mandy Moore in How to Deal) And that I absolutely love love love the song Only Time by Enya, but that it will always make me cry thinking of this movie.

Sara claims Nelson as her “November,” in which she promises to change him for the better if he gives her one month with her. One month, no commitments, no pressure.

What can go wrong, right?


What are your favorite cozy fall movies?!


9 thoughts on “The best cozy autumn movies

  1. I have only seen when Harry met Sally from your list!!! I’ve always wanted to see Stepmom—I think I know the neighborhood where it was filmed because it was close to where I grew up 🙂 I’ll have to add these—thanks for sharing, my sweet ❤

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    • Please watch it and let me know what you think (be prepared to cry a lot) that is so cool- I don’t know where it was filmed but the house it’s filmed at is beautiful in the fall scenes. I’ll have to look it up now. Thank you for reading ❤


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