3 Easy DIY Wine Cork Ornaments!

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So I am definitely not a DIY-er by any means. But this year, my mom had a great idea of all of our family making our own Christmas ornaments for our nana and papa’s tree and surprising them at Thanksgiving with the tree & the handmade ornaments. This is their first year they can’t travel to Florida for the winter because of my papa’s health and we all wanted to do something special for them, especially since all of their ornaments were left in Florida.

When I started making ornaments, I couldn’t stop!

These are 3 fun and easy ornaments anyone can make (especially wine lovers like myself who collect all those wine corks! )

I found all of these ideas online, but may have altered them a bit.

These are all super easy that you can make them for Christmas or for a last minute gift idea!


3 Easy DIY Wine Cork Ornaments:



FYI Don’t feel bad if you have to drink all the wine beforehand to get the corks 😉 Or during the craft, for that matter!


For most of these you will need:


A glue gun 

Scissors (to cut wine cork)




The birdhouse:


home ornamenthome 3



Wine Cork 

Paint of your choice 

Small stick

Cardboard cut for the roof

Bottom quote optional- I used a wooden gift tag

Bird also optional- I used a bird cut out from a card

Glitter for the snowy roof

You could also use moss for the roof to give it a more realistic look!


The Pinecone Reindeer:



Wine Corks


Sticks for antlers





The Wine Cork Doggo:


Wine Corks 


Felt for tongue

Pine cone for ears and tail (Can also use brown/black felt)


He’s kind of goofy looking, but cute.


Hope you enjoyed!!

18 thoughts on “3 Easy DIY Wine Cork Ornaments!

  1. Omg how cute and thoughtful of you to do this for nana and your poppy ❤ soseeet and I’m sure it will be so meaningful for them to see these ornaments when they look at their tree!

    Also I’ve never heard this version of Blue Christmas — thank you very much for sharing! 💕

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