Bullet Journal Diary: Part 2- Focusing on the present

Listening now…


I have been using my bullet journal more than ever lately. What I have realized from the time I have had with it so far is that it has been helping me focus on the present more.


First post here- Bullet Journal Diary: Part 1


I think we could all use a little help being able to focus on the present more.

To breathe. To be mindful.


Except dogs- they have that pretty down pat. They just run and they don’t think about it. They chase the ball- not knowing if they will get it or make it in time.



Just go for it.


I can’t believe it’s May already. I feel like this year is definitely going by faster than last year already.

Please excuse the pictures below as Molly stepped across my journal with her muddy feet. =P



Washi tape is still my best friend when I make mistakes.


Another thing I love about bullet journaling is the ability to look back and see what you have done, how you have improved and made progress (especially using these habit trackers), and remembering your memories. It feels pretty good to fill in boxes for good things like exercising, meditation, no alcohol, etc.




I have been tracking my self care, moods, and habits. I find it easier to be consistent with the journal compared to planning because once you do one of these for the month, you just fill them in day to day.


I got this tea cup mood tracker idea from Pinterest but really love how it came out.

How cute is this?!





The Bullet Journal has been wonderful for my mental health as well. Good habits on the tracker boost your self esteem and hold yourself accountable and looking back at your mood tracker helps you to realize even more that we are all human! That means- the good days and the bad. 

12 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Diary: Part 2- Focusing on the present

  1. always love to see how you’re using your bullet journal… and that tea page spread is so friggin cute! Love that idea! I’m going to get back to bullet journaling, though right now I want to continue filling in the pages of the planner I purchased at the beginning of the year because I feel like I’ve totally neglected it.

    To live the life of a dog, eh?? 🙂 Hope you’re having a great week, my sweet one! XOXO


    • Thanks Dear- that idea was not my own but from Pinterest- although I was pleasantly surprised at how well it came out!! I most definitely neglected planning… I did not even end up buying another personal planner this year- just a work one! And picked up bullet journaling instead 😉 Can’t wait to see your spreads too! xoxoxo


  2. Thanks for this great reminder and the tea cup trackers is super cute! It’s always nice to write things down so they can be reviewed later.


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