Summer Home Inspiration

Listening now…




Frankie and I really want a bench by our door like this, it’s just a matter of finding one small enough since the entryway is not as open!








summer 2.jpg




summer 3.jpg


Seedling on Apple iOS 10.3




Yes yes yes to everything here. The rugs, the plant in the basket, the stump, those pillows!




Another goal: bench at the end of the bed. This picture really makes me reconsider getting a cast iron headboard too… we were thinking of getting a pallet headboard….thoughts?




Palm tree.png






Some summer home inspiration from my own humble abode….



This “Be gentle with yourself” print is from AbbieIllustrations Etsy shop

This Macrame is from Ocean by Nature shop




Lamp and sunflower jar both #thrifted

Ceramic green rain boot planter/jar from Target

This lamp is made out of shells.




What’s your summer home inspiration?

5 thoughts on “Summer Home Inspiration

  1. These photos are gorgeous! Also now I’m thinking of a cute little bench for the end of our bed! We have a headboard almost exactly like that and I friggin hate it. But looking at that photo, it’s actually not as bad and I’m wondering if I just need to dress it up a little?! Hmm… love these photos for inspiration!


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