Blog birthday and my 25th!

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[The song my blog was named from!]


Yesterday was 1 year with Thegoodthingscomin! I can’t even believe it! Read my first post ever here….



This blog has been a great outlet for my feelings and it has become so much more than I ever thought it would. 178 followers is tiny in the blogging land, but to think that many people are reading your words somewhere out there…is pretty cool.


I like to chat with you guys about big things and little things in my life and everything in between. My blog has changed a lot from the beginning and will continue to evolve…excited to see where this goes!


Speaking of big things in my life, last time I wrote I talked about my 25th birthday and my 25 goals.


To celebrate a big birthday and my blog anniversary all in 1 week, I am so lucky!


I’m happy to say it was a glorious day at the lake, followed by a wonderful birthday dinner with my family- 4 of whom [nana and papa and my 2 cousins) I did not even know were coming so that was a great surprise!


Glorious day at the lake:

lake 1lake 2lake 3

lake 4

We taught this boy to swim this summer!

ren swimming.jpg


I have been begging my Frankie for a camera for awhile now….I normally borrow mama’s camera when I want to take good pictures. The morning of my birthday he surprised me with a disposable Fujifilm camera and told  me he ordered me something else, but it was not a camera, and that it didn’t get here in time.


Then he brought out the big box. Which ended up to be my dream, Canon Rebel T5, with a kit with a tripod, other lenses, a camera bag, and so many other accessories! My sissy chipped in too and I’m sure was in on the gag gift idea as well…

I can’t wait to play around with this and share the pictures on my blog. I have loved photography for a long time, but when I started blogging I found myself wanting to take pictures even more.




Lucky enough to finish the birthday night off with the ones I love the most..


bday dinner.jpg



Thank you to anyone reading, leaving thoughtful comments, or passing by.

Here’s to a year! 






Saturday Celebrates

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Drink up baby ; look at the stars



Saturday was a busy day! It was mama’s birthday and my friend Kaela’s 25th!




Mom just posted about her birthday here

I got her this grafted weeping pussy willow and she really loved it! She’s excited to plant this little baby in the ground and watch him grow.

moms bday gift.jpgweeping tree.jpg



Mama went off to dinner with her sweetie and I headed to Kaela’s 25th party…

Here’s the birthday girl in all her glory!


She’s a new blogger and an amazing writer- check her out here: Blog

kaela bday .jpgkaela bday 2.jpg

She worked really hard on her party and her humble little abode showed it so well!

pink .jpgbowie.jpg


The baked goods were from Milk Bar in NYC– YUM.

bday dinner.jpg


A great time was had by all, much Bowie was played and Sangria was drank, and I felt honored to be a part of such a big day!


After this I went to an indoor circus event at a club that we had tickets for. I didn’t take any pictures of that because they did not allow photography-

Here is the flyer for the event though-

Clowns, dances, and fire, oh my! [ No animal circus, don’t worry!]




Watch our time lapse video of the party here…

💃🏽 dinner

A video posted by kaela d. smith (@kaelalasmith) on Mar 19, 2016 at 9:52pm PDT


bday emojis.png

What did you all do this weekend?