A 20 something’s guide to Adulting

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Welcome to part 2 of my 20 somethings guides. [Part 1 here]

I hope they prove useful to you- we could all use a little help, no?


We are in this together!



Realize that we all do not know what we are doing. Not just you!

You are not the only one who is considering a career change even though you just graduated, struggling with keeping up with your own laundry and wondering how moms do it all, and have about 20 million open tabs in their mind at one time. We’ve all been there, in the wine store, browsing the nice section of reds for a moment, just to not look cheap before we quickly grab our usual big bottle of $10 wine.

Averting your eyes of judgement is half of what we know so well– yeah, we see you.

Watch Girls. 

Honestly, Sex and the City and friends are amazing, but they are not realistic. Girls will show you what it actually is like to be a 20 something today and the how real the struggles are.

Shosh can always most definitely relate to whatever you are going through.

Naps. All day, every day.


Oh- wait….. you have a full time job, a gym schedule, and student loans to pay. And sometimes you would like to be social, perhaps. So squeeze a nap in when absolutely necessary/ unable to stand up and function anymore.

As I came home from a day at work including a meeting I was absolutely dreading all day, I realized I was worn out. I literally came home and had to nap.

I napped 2 hours and if it were not for my sister, I may have slept through the night. Welcome to naps as a functioning adult. Sometimes you just need that- and that’s okay.


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Do as much as you can, but don’t drive yourself crazy.

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You may as well do that thing you have been wanting to do- but the balance is important, too.

If you can make the time to have fun and explore new things while working hard and advancing yourself in some way- whether that be in school, work, or personally- then I think you are doing pretty well.

There are so many options out there for us- the struggle is to not drive ourselves crazy wondering what ifs about all of the choices. It is not humanely possible to do it all.


Be kind to yourself.

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It’s so important to remember, yet so easy to forget.

Awhile ago I wrote this- [Being kind to ourselves post]

I think this goes with everything else too- being kind with what we put in our bodies, how we treat them, taking care of our minds, bodies, and spirits in all ways possible. Which is oh so easy to forget when our moods may we down and we had a bad day. We might reach for our favorite food or drink and skip working out- we know what’s good for us but opt out of it most days. I think this is an ongoing day to day process and I’m not sure if the battle ever ends, honestly. But we do our best!
Thanks for reading XOXO 

Do you have any tips on adulting? I can use all the help I can get…