An Introvert’s “Peace” of Mind

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Ohhhhh, Sunday.

This weekend was a busy one.

I had a bunch of things I wanted to get done (and I did) and had to work a fundraising event for my job today.

Tomorrow brings Monday yet again and also brings… people. Lol.

I have talked about my Introversion  a few times and have definitely come to terms with it over the years, and even learned to embrace it and take pride in it.

Being an introvert with anxiety takes on a whole new level of self care that is needed to get by in every day normal life.  Self doubt thoughts are common and hard to shut off and we tend to…..ruminate. Any other anxious introverts out there with me? (This is not my life goal to be known as this, but it is what it is, so let’s all forge together now and bond over it, okay?) Some day I will talk about my particular anxiety I struggle with when I have the courage more on this blog.

Talking about mental health is so very important. Working on our own mental health is incredibly vital.

So I created this sanctuary.

This Introvert’s Haven.

This little mediation corner.



Candles, plants, meditation pillow, & essential oils.

Lately I have been meditating to summer crickets or rain/rainforest sounds. Do you also know about the Insight Timer app? It’s great and full of guided mediations and wonderful calming sounds.

Winter is at that “feeling way too damn long” point right now (thanks February) and trust me- listening to these summer sounds with the lights off, eyes closed, with some yummy and soothing smells really helps ease the mind.

Something that has really helped me lately are essential oils. My mom and I have been really into Young Living Essential Oils right now. She wrote her own post about it here. 




Essential oils are very therapeutic and there are so many combinations that you can put together for different purposes- stress, headaches, congestion- just to name a few.

So when I need a little down time, I shut the lights (and the world) off, light a candle, turn my salt lamp on, and pour some water and oils into my diffuser- this one’s the desert mist diffuser. 

This diffuser changes colors as it diffuses which is extremely calming. (And fun to watch)





Tonight i’m diffusing: Copaiba, Cedarwood, and Lavender (for stress)



We also have a few other stress relieving oils like this Tranquil roller ball (I love it so much) and Stress Away oil for the diffuser.


My mom has the Aria diffuser, which is really amazing because it comes with a remote, has a glass dome, and it plays meditative music as it diffuses. She got this with the premium starter kit, which comes with 11 oils.

aria.pngaria 2.png


And we finish with a wise word from my mama…

If you think Essential Oils might be for you, take a pop over to Young Living and check out the Premium Starter Kits – they are definitely the most ‘bang for your buck’ to get started on your journey. You will want to become a ‘member’ to purchase a kit – it doesn’t cost you anything and you have no further obligation, but it does guarantee you get the wholesale pricing, which is far less expensive than retail pricing! When I reviewed the individual oils, diffusers, etc. it was going to add up to a LOT more than buy purchasing the kit, so I went with the kit, it just made sense. If you do place an order, please use my member number 13867635 in both the SPONSOR ID and ENROLLER fields so they know you are part of my essential oils family.


A 20 something’s guide to an anxious mind

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[My Discover weekly on Spotify this week was totally on point. ]



Welcome to another guide for our 20 something confused souls. You can find my other guides here: Guide to adultingGuide: 20 something mythsGuide to housework.


I pretend to be an expert and you read on foolishly! [ Kidding, I am a complete expert on this actual topic of anxiety. So, no worries. ]


If you are in your 20’s, my  guess is that your mind is like  a constant hamster wheel, squeaking obnoxiously in the middle of the night, when you were just about to hit your deepest sleep, only to be awakened by every thought of every possible scenario imaginable.


I’m with you, I hear you. 


I’m here to offer you a guide to navigating the hamster wheel mind of being in your 20’s.


First of all, is it any wonder we have minds running a mile a minute?! We have to think about: student loans, jobs to pay off those student loans, having jobs that are meaningful and that we like, moving out of our parent’s house, surviving on our own, learning how to cook, clean, pay bills, balance our work lives and our personal lives[ I swear this is a learning process forever]….etc, etc.


Here is my guide to:

A 20 something’s anxious mind: 

  • Drown your worries in Netflix, blogging, music-whatever your vice is. [As long as it’s healthy. ]  Honestly, you may not want to hear it, but exercise is great too.

The trick is- you need to distract your mind. Find that hobby that makes all of your worries [or at least most of them] go away. 

For me personally,blogging has been therapeutic for me. More than I ever thought it would be. Also, the gym has been very relaxing too- I learned to look forward to getting my anxieties out while running and working out to music.

  • Remember that most people are as nervous as you and don’t know what they are doing, either.

It’s true.

  • Revel in the fact that you are young, have the world in front of you, and have time to figure it out. Revel in the fact that no time figuring it out is wasted. 

Sure, time is precious. But time learning who we are and becoming who we are I think is a necessary process as a young adult. If not now, when?

  • Also, they say it’s about the journey, not the destination.

Frolic about in the fields,  in your buzzed confusion, while taking in the scenes surrounding you. Notice everything. Realize that you are a small fragment of this world, but a huge part of the lives of those you love and connect with. See that this is what matters most in the scheme of things. 

  • Most of all I think- accept and trust your path and the uniqueness that it brings.

Know that it’s completely okay to drift apart from the “norm” and the anticipated path that many take.

I think a lot of our anxieties in our 20’s come from comparing ourselves to others. We know it’s not heathy, but we subconsciously do it anyway. Remember that a Facebook picture tends to hide the struggles going on beneath the surface- comparing ourselves to others without knowing the true story is just mis-leading.

  • Canceling plans is okay…just don’t make a habit of it.

If you don’t feel like leaving your pajamas and your dog, that’s fine. But if it gets to the point of where it is an unhealthy anxiety-avoidance cycle or you find yourself isolating, that’s when it’s not okay.


Do you have any other tips that work for you personally?

Thanks for reading! XOXO








Challenging our comfort zones

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com·fort zone
a place or situation where one feels safe or at ease and without stress.
“times when we must act beyond our comfort zones”


My therapist is always telling me to challenge my anxieties. “Challenge, challenge, challenge,” he says.  

I’m working on this- it’s always a work in progress.

I think it mostly comes down to fear- why else would we be afraid to leave our safe little box?


“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.”

H. P. Lovecraft





In my Weekly round up post, I mentioned how I made further steps towards my dreams, and I think to achieve anything we really want,  it puts us out of our comfort zone a little bit.  So I spent a lot of yesterday being nervous, preparing, planning my outfit, and probably obsessing a little too much.


So hopefully good news will come of it, for now- I wait.





Have you been challenging yourself lately?