Chasing waterfalls at Watkins

Listening now…

[Frankie showed me this song on our drive and it’s been on repeat ever since…]


For my birthday, my love surprised me with a camping trip to Watkins Glen State Park .   

We went chasing waterfalls! Cue TLC song….


Taken from the website,

“Within two miles, the glen’s stream descends 400 feet past 200-foot cliffs, generating 19 waterfalls along its course. The gorge path winds over and under waterfalls and through the spray of Cavern Cascade. Rim trails overlook the gorge. “


We camped right at Watkins Glen State Park Campground which was amazing because our camp site was walking distance to the trails to the waterfalls! And we got a great site that was nice and private.


camping 1camping 2camping 3camping 4camping 5watkins


Upon entering the park, you feel like you are in a scene from Indiana Jones. The lush greenery and the jungle like atmosphere make you want to swing across within the trees.  (Tarzan?)


watkins 2watkins 3tunneltunnel 2tunnel 3watkins 5cascade 1cas 2cas 3cas 4cas 5

heart pool

The heart shaped pool ❤

sports modeheart shaped 2shaleshale 2shale 3staircasefalls 1falls 2falls 31me at fallsup closewalkwayfalls 2falls 3.jpgfalls 4falls 5watkins 5frankie and ilovers lanewildflowerbabe 2stepssunlightsunlight 2beautsunlight 3beaut 2beaut 3beaut 4logsunlight 6falls 6frankie and fallsflowers 2frankie 2.jpgrainbow 5.jpgrainbow 3


My favorite part of the hike were the Rainbow Falls where you can walk right beneath the trickling water…


falls signrainbow 1rainbow 2rainbow 6.jpgrainbow 78rainbow 811121391516.jpg1718192021222324carvings 2carvingspathfrankie boygreenrock wall.jpg


When the lighting is just right…


poolpool 2me at falls


That night we ventured into Watkins Glen town and stopped at Rooster Fish Brewing

I really loved the atmosphere, especially that they had games available to play! The beers were delicious and we took a growler back to the campground.


fish brew 1fish brew 2fish brew 3fish brewscrabble

We found out that Rooster Fish also has a restaurant that sells their beers too, and it happened to be the restaurant I was thinking of for dinner anyway so it was an easy choice!

We had dinner at Wildflower Cafe and Crooked Rooster Brewpub

wild flowerflower 2

flower food

I got their special mozzarella sandwich and sweet potato fries and we got a crab dip for an app, so good and worth every calorie.


26 isn’t so bad, right?! 

me drinks 1


Later that night we had a bit of a photo shoot testing out different modes on my camera…


photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 5photo 6photo 7


I wore my new Lularoe leggings that have fish on them! ❤

frankie photofrankie photo 2


On my birthday day we had to head home but decided to stop in Ithaca on the way home and stopped for a bite to eat at the Carriage House Cafe . 

What drew me to this place was the Brie- stuffed french toast I saw on the menu and their local farm and non GMO style. #Eatlocal. The french toast was out of this world good and I also got a blueberry sorbet mimosa that was like desert for breakfast! (That’s what you do on your birthday…)


carraige menucarriagecafecafe 2cafe

ith falls 2

We stopped at the Ithaca waterfalls on the way home too…

ith falls 3

Keep exploring…. : )

25 goals for 25


Listening now…

Guys, I turn 25 today!




I’ve had mixed feelings about it.


But then I was reminded of this important message by someone I know whose daughter did not get to make it this far in her life…


getting older



So here’s to embracing 25 and what will come from it!

Because many don’t get that chance.




I really love goals. 


25 is the perfect chance to create new goals.


So without further ado,


25 goals for 25:


1.)Stop being so anxious about the future.  

Being 25, I have plenty of time to figure that stuff out. It is also normal to have doubts, worries, fears. And to not have a clue what I am doing.  I have quite a few things I am interested in and want to try, so let’s take that day by day…most don’t have this figured out, anyway.


2.) Make Meditation a priority. 

This goes along with number 1- meditate, light some candles, listen to Native American flute music with rain. [my favorite meditation music.] Rinse. repeat. Learn to just be.


3.) Maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

I have still been having my daily morning smoothie, working out 1-3 times a week, and I stopped looking at the scale. I want to try out new workouts, up the intensity, and not be afraid to try new things at the gym.


4.) Get more serious about my blog. 

I’m pretty close to 200 followers and I would love to reach 200 email and WordPress followers.

I didn’t intend to make it a goal to make money off of my blog when I started, but when you start blogging, you come across a ton of people who make a living off of blogging. It’s pretty amazing that people can support an entire family on a blogging income with enough hard work. It would be nice to eventually make some extra money on the side doing something I really enjoy.


5.) Learn the ukelele. 

I got a guitar for my birthday about 2 years ago and learned a song, a few chords, took some lessons. Then I put it down and didn’t pick it up again….I read online that the ukelele is easier to learn and a lot of people learn that first and then guitar. I have a mint green ukelele I got from amazon with a shark on it that is just waiting to be played. I really love to sing and want to do cover songs when I learn to play.


6.)  Move out on my own…

Yup, it’s a big one. I’m finally ready to move out on my own, create my own space, and make my own mistakes in regards to living on my own. I will have to find something pet friendly though, because I would be very depressed without my babies. 


7.) Try a new thing at least once a month. 

Whatever it may be, just something new. I’ve been wanting to try aerial yoga, pole dancing classes, hip hop classes…


8.) Cook something new at least every 2 weeks. 

I started doing this and then school got in the way, but I love to cook when I actually do it and going along with goal # 6, I would love to have at least a few dishes under my belt for go-tos.


9.) Road trip out west. 

Frankie and I road tripped down south the summer I graduated from college, 2 years ago, and it was the best trip of our lives. Would love to go out west next- this might not happen exactly in my 25th year, but it will happen.


10.) Get up earlier, to do more things before work.

Work sucks and the earlier I get up, the more free time I have to do things I love before work. At one point, I was getting up earlier a few times a week to write a blog post, and my best thoughts and writings came from those times, not sure why…


11.) Laugh at yourself.

I’m a spaz and do a lot of silly things. Sometimes I worry how I look to other people, when really, who cares? I need to laugh at myself more.


12.) Make your opinion of yourself matter more than the opinions of others about you. 

If I could turn off caring about what others think of me, like a switch, I would have years ago. Wouldn’t that be amazing?!  This should have been goal # 1 for me.


13.) Do things you love, more often, and every day. 


14.) Be more authentic. 


15.) Keep track of my gratitudes more often, whether writing them down or just noticing them in my mind. 

Gratitude is important to me. But sometimes when I get caught up in life, I forget to keep track of what I am grateful for as much as I used to. I think it’s an important thing to keep as a habit.

16.) Throw another party.

I really enjoyed throwing my Spooky party last Halloween. And dressing as Misty Day from Coven. I was also really proud of myself for planning it all on my own and following through with it and that it came out better than I expected.


17.) Do more spontaneous things. Surprise yourself more. 



18.) De-clutter your life, regularly. 

It feels really great to get rid of stuff. I also love to shop, so I definitely accumulate some stuff too. I still have a whole box of summer shorts I found that don’t fit me anymore- that’s just bad energy sitting in the corner.


19.) Get out of your comfort zone more often… 

This is a big one for me that I need to work on.


20.) Positive affirmations and more positive self talk. 


21.) Network more for my blog, find my blog “tribe”…Spend time each week commenting, viewing, discovering new bloggers.


22.) Build myself a nice nest egg savings account. 


23.) Take more pictures.

I love photography and how it makes you more aware of your surroundings. To take good pictures, you have to be present.  And still. 


24.) This goes along with the last one- buy a DSLR camera and learn the manual settings on it. 

It would be cool to know exactly what settings to set for each individual picture and really personalize each photo…


25.) Keep making goals,  but don’t be too hard on yourself.

A good one to end on, to remember that we can do a lot, but we can’t do it all.