What an Introvert says vs thinks

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You know we all have those things we say but don’t really mean. And we all might say this thing, while thinking the complete opposite of that in our minds at that very moment.  If you are anything like me as an introvert, you often feel like you are not meant to cohabitate with humans. That’s why I have found my own little introverted haven and ways to self care. 


We often say and think the complete opposite.



We say:

” Yeah, that sounds great- I’ll definitely let you know by the end of the week if I can make it!”

While thinking:

……No, I don’t want to go to that mixer with you. Thanks for the invite, but that sounds absolutely like my worst nightmare. I’d rather be at home enjoying my own company than in a room full of strangers I will feel a pressure to impress, while questioning if I said the right thing. 





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alone lol.jpg


Via: This article is my entire life



We say:

“No I was home when you called. I was just in the shower, doing homework, or feeding my dog at the time. No, I wasn’t ignoring your call- I was just busy! I’ll call you back in a few minutes.”  (Via text)



While thinking:

Of course I was staring right at the phone as I saw your call coming in. But why would you call when you know I HATE talking on the phone and am better with texting? And I will probably distract myself with something else for long enough so both of us forget that we even had a phone call date to begin with. I hope you know I still love you.


We say:

” Yeah- I have plans this weekend! “


While thinking:

I have plans with my dogs, wine, Netflix, Sims, and blogging. Ahhhh sounds perfect! 



(In social setting) They ask us, “Are you okay?” And We say:

” Yeah, I’m fine- just tired.”



While thinking:

I am tired, that’s true. I’m tired from trying to keep up with the conversation and realizing that by the time I have something to say, the topic has moved on. Often just sitting back and listening can be exhausting. All of the stimuli and things going on around me in general just makes me tired. But I’m not totally “fine” because although I am happy I came out, I wanted to leave about 2 hours ago to be back in my own space and get my energy back.



P.S.- Still relevant-


A Letter from your Introverted Hermit Friend ❤




Keep doing you my fellow introverted hermits. XOXO


An Introvert’s “Peace” of Mind

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Ohhhhh, Sunday.

This weekend was a busy one.

I had a bunch of things I wanted to get done (and I did) and had to work a fundraising event for my job today.

Tomorrow brings Monday yet again and also brings… people. Lol.

I have talked about my Introversion  a few times and have definitely come to terms with it over the years, and even learned to embrace it and take pride in it.

Being an introvert with anxiety takes on a whole new level of self care that is needed to get by in every day normal life.  Self doubt thoughts are common and hard to shut off and we tend to…..ruminate. Any other anxious introverts out there with me? (This is not my life goal to be known as this, but it is what it is, so let’s all forge together now and bond over it, okay?) Some day I will talk about my particular anxiety I struggle with when I have the courage more on this blog.

Talking about mental health is so very important. Working on our own mental health is incredibly vital.

So I created this sanctuary.

This Introvert’s Haven.

This little mediation corner.



Candles, plants, meditation pillow, & essential oils.

Lately I have been meditating to summer crickets or rain/rainforest sounds. Do you also know about the Insight Timer app? It’s great and full of guided mediations and wonderful calming sounds.

Winter is at that “feeling way too damn long” point right now (thanks February) and trust me- listening to these summer sounds with the lights off, eyes closed, with some yummy and soothing smells really helps ease the mind.

Something that has really helped me lately are essential oils. My mom and I have been really into Young Living Essential Oils right now. She wrote her own post about it here. 




Essential oils are very therapeutic and there are so many combinations that you can put together for different purposes- stress, headaches, congestion- just to name a few.

So when I need a little down time, I shut the lights (and the world) off, light a candle, turn my salt lamp on, and pour some water and oils into my diffuser- this one’s the desert mist diffuser. 

This diffuser changes colors as it diffuses which is extremely calming. (And fun to watch)





Tonight i’m diffusing: Copaiba, Cedarwood, and Lavender (for stress)



We also have a few other stress relieving oils like this Tranquil roller ball (I love it so much) and Stress Away oil for the diffuser.


My mom has the Aria diffuser, which is really amazing because it comes with a remote, has a glass dome, and it plays meditative music as it diffuses. She got this with the premium starter kit, which comes with 11 oils.

aria.pngaria 2.png


And we finish with a wise word from my mama…

If you think Essential Oils might be for you, take a pop over to Young Living and check out the Premium Starter Kits – they are definitely the most ‘bang for your buck’ to get started on your journey. You will want to become a ‘member’ to purchase a kit – it doesn’t cost you anything and you have no further obligation, but it does guarantee you get the wholesale pricing, which is far less expensive than retail pricing! When I reviewed the individual oils, diffusers, etc. it was going to add up to a LOT more than buy purchasing the kit, so I went with the kit, it just made sense. If you do place an order, please use my member number 13867635 in both the SPONSOR ID and ENROLLER fields so they know you are part of my essential oils family.


March to the beat of your own drum

“So, what do you do?”


I am a composition of many things-including stardust and dreams , like you & her over there. I am a dreamer to be more than one anything for the rest of my life, yearning to be a multitude of my dreams, wrapped up in one. I am someone who is not defined by my career, but by my person.

I am a blogger & a writer. I am a case worker, helping teens & adolescents. I am a career student- and yes, that means I have many skills. I am a lover of learning. I am an anxious person learning to cope. I am an animal addict. I am a dog person, inside and out. I am a gamer. I am an introvert. I am a fashion lover & a thrift-er. I am a Yogi. I am a traveler.

I am a daughter, sister, girlfriend to my love. I am all of my dogs’ best friends and probably their life.


How about we ask instead,

“What makes you the happiest & sets your soul on fire?”

March to the beat of your own drum. 



….”When are you getting married?”




We will buy a home and have a baby. We most definitely will acquire more dogs. We will travel for sure. We will do these in no particular order. We will probably do everything backwards and may question our every move of this life. What we won’t ever question, though, is our integrity to do our very own thing- as we want to.

And we might or might not just not be the marrying type, but the loving type for sure. 


March to the beat of your own drum. 


….Moving out?



When my dogs do, yes. Because I will miss them way too freaking much. On the real-Rushing out to spend money on rent so I can’t get ahead seems silly when I have a great relationship with my mom (and dogs!) and help out around the house and pay rent. There’s this weird thing where not everyone who lives at home is a lazy bum. I know, it’s crazy. Also damn- house hunting takes a long time. And mom and I love to watch This is Us and The Crown together. When I move out with Frankie who will I watch girly shows with? Okay, okay….I’ll keep looking for homes. With a Girl Cave.


March to the beat of your own drum.


…..”Are you okay?”



…….I was until you asked that.  If you heard how loud my brain is you would not be questioning my silence. Many times I would rather just listen and observe. I am okay, I just don’t feel like talking, probably because there is so much conversation going on in my brain. Honestly, my introverted self is quiet as this is the only way I can achieve a little bit of solitude while surrounded by people. Because I need that…to function. I used to think this was odd about me, but now I cherish it. You should too. 


March to the beat of your own damn drum. 







Why I love being an Introvert

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(Listen while you read, please.  🙂 I pick songs based on my feelings while I write….P.S….Introverts have good taste in music.)



Remember awhile back, when I wrote my Letter from your introverted [hermit] friend post?


I started talking about introversion because I feel like it so important for people like me, who love being alone and actually re-charge their energy from that, to embrace it and know that not only is it okay, it’s actually really cool. 


I wasn’t always like this. I used to think I was strange for often preferring to stay home, while everyone else was going out.


If you don’t know what an Introvert is, it is basically someone who turns inward mentally (we also tend to overthink a lot) and get their energy back from spending time alone. 



It was not until recently that I started thinking about all of the benefits and the things I have learned about myself from being an introvert.

While I think part of this is ingrained in my personality at birth, I think I really started enjoying time alone when I started gaming.

Growing up, my mom was in a band and worked late gigs on the weekends and I would often spend most of my Saturdays and Sundays playing Sims to keep busy (back when it first came out 17 years ago!)

I would get so engulfed in the game and could get lost in hours of gameplay- I still do!



If you are an introvert like me, or even if you are not, maybe you can look into yourself too and see what this personality trait has really done for you! If you struggle with being alone, I really encourage you to begin to get comfortable with it. It will teach you a lot about yourself and who are you.


Why I love being an Introvert:


1.) Alone time helped me discover who I am.

squish.jpglake .jpg

I know what I like and don’t like, I have found and developed more hobbies than I can even keep up with (lol) and through these hobbies, I feel more truly myself. When you find what you love and do more of that, everything just feels more sincerely you. 

I think it is an amazing life skill to have to be comfortable and accept your own presence. I frequent my favorite place on earth very often during the summer, the lake! With just myself and my dog Daisy. I used to feel awkward and like people were looking at me- now I read my book, play in the water, and bask in the sunshine and the glory of not caring about any of that anymore and enjoying my time.

Be proud to have plans with just you!

After all, this blog probably wouldn’t exist if I was not alone as much.


2.) I have found my creative side.

I used to think being creative meant you were “good” at art- I can draw no more than a stick figure and used to think because I did not have an artsy side, I was not creative. Through growing up and finding myself,  I have realized that art is much more than painting and drawing and my kind of art is planning, fashion, photography, and putting words, pictures, and music together in this here little blog space. Building awesome houses and decorating them stunningly on The Sims counts too, right?



3.) Who needs people when you have dogs (best friends), anyway?

Does this one even need explanation?…….

The more time out with people, the more time away from my dogs!

Both my babies are introverts too, so this works out for us really well.




squish and fries.jpg

When we are not relaxing in bed, we are probably out eating…

4.) I never get bored.

My mom always told us when we were little if we whined of boredom, “only boring people get bored.”

She is right. And I have always remembered this. And through my introversion and alone time, I always value it and use it wisely to do what I can’t when I am around other people!




A letter from your introverted [hermit] friend

Listening now….

Dear friend,

It’s been awhile, I know.I hope you read this in a happy place and maybe understand more about me in the end.

You probably know this about me- but when I need me time, I go all in. After all, I need ample time to play my sims, watch my you tubers, watch Downton abbey, color in my stress relieving coloring book, research things on google, browse Netflix for an hour only to watch nothing and fall asleep, play with my dogs and talk to them like humans, etc….etc.

Also it’s winter- cold out, dark earlier, I haven’t seen you as much. It’s harder for me now- some days I come home and just want to curl up, with my hobbies, and alone- more than usual. You are probably thinking, oh great, it will be even harder to get you out of the house now!

Perhaps you are right.

However, I promise the time will come for me to leave my humble abode and accompany you to whatever social gathering you may have to drag me to [perhaps kicking and screaming, just give me a little wine beforehand-I’ll be fine]

Funny enough, it may have been my idea originally to leave my little space[I’m thinking to myself-it’s been awhile, I probably should go somewhere….]- only to bug you an hour after we get there to see if you are ready to leave yet.

Thank you for being patient, is all I can say.

Thank you for not being a high maintenance friend- and understanding that if I don’t text you/ hang out with you in a few weeks, I promise I still love you and want to see you.

Thank you for forcing me to do things when I don’t want to- we all need friends like that.

Thanks for letting me play Sims when we hang out [and not judging me……too much]

Thank you for understanding, accepting me, and loving me for who I am- and not trying to change that.








Home Happiness

I have always been content being home. I am an introvert, and need time alone in my space to recharge. There was a time recently when I was focusing so much on the next step, what masters I was going to get, what school to go to, what job would be next- that I didn’t realize how unhappy it was making me. It was only when I stopped doing that and focusing on the present every day, little life-is-so-good moments, that I began to be truly happy. I became happier in my job, happier with friends and making new friends (and more open to that!), and in every other aspect of my life honestly.

Here are some pieces of my home happiness.


hudson valley pic

my happy old girly

my happy old girly

Mama has home happiness, too.

Mama has home happiness, too. Fun editing playfulness.