Mental Health Monthly Faves: January

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Awhile ago, I posted my Mental health monthly faves, a series my favorite youtubers who frequently talk about their favorite things for that month that helped their mental health.

January is a hard month for me- yes, there are new beginnings. But the winter has also just begun and sunshine and happiness sometimes seem farther away for me. Do you feel the same? [Delicate ]

I found a couple of things that helped me mentally this month-


I talked about the changes going on career-wise for me in this post [Starting over post],

And I have really been enjoying being in the classroom setting again and learning. Although we learn things every day, there is just something different about someone giving you the information, taking notes on what you think is important, and reading about a subject you are interested in.

Also- taking a class to explore a new career you are interested in make it that much more intriguing, because you are really trying to get the most of out it. [I never used to actually read the textbooks I paid so much $ for in college, but now I am!]

Show binges:

It’s been cold outside and I’d rather be inside binge watching. Lately it’s been a true struggle balancing between Downton Abbey and Shameless. Last night I watched too many episodes of Downton- I am now mid-way through season 2 and panic has set in for when it ends.

The shows have two completely different vibes, it’s pretty entertaining to switch back and forth.


Infused Tea:

My mom got us a bunch of loose leaf tea for Christmas from World Market and she got me a travel mug from David’s Tea with a tea infuser already inside of it. The mug seriously keeps my tea hot all day long. And I have been having one cup of coffee in the morning and tea the rest of the day and feel better most days doing that!

world market tea.jpgmug.jpg

Appreciating the little things:



The sun set later today and I watched it on my way home…


Did you have anything that helped you mentally this month?





♫ Listening to right now:

Saturday, 4:47 pm. And it is dark. 

I got a late start to my day today- I, thankfully, slept in until 11 am. I was planning on taking a drive and bringing the camera for future blog posts-but, before I knew it, it was 3 pm and would be dark in an hour.

This time of year- I struggle. I love being outside and the best time to do that is coming to an end. It’s delicate- I have to work harder to stay happy, remain positive, and see the light in winter, too. I love christmas so much- and am looking forward to that.

I enjoy coziness and snow- to a certain point. The reason I use delicate for this post title and picked this Delicate by Damien Rice song-

As the seasons progress, I become delicate. I can easily get caught up in my warm cozy house, cozy bed with my warm puppy, and never want to leave. That sounds great, right? Except for me, I have to be careful- not to fall into a mild seasonal depression.

It’s cold and bitter outside, but I’m working on my blog, I got a lot done today, and I’m going to see friends later. I try to keep up this kind of momentum throughout the season so that I don’t fall down and get stuck. I have a feeling this season will be different for me- maybe that’s why I don’t mind it’s arrival as much.

             How do you all cope with the darkness coming earlier?


dark 7 horses 2dark 5

The neighhhhbor horses enjoy their last half hour of daylight.

The neighhhhbor horses enjoy their last half hour of daylight

dark 2

And so do I.

We settle in for the night, surrounded by candles and lights.

We settle in for the night, surrounded by candles and lights.

Mental Health Monthly Faves

♫ Listening to right now:

I am a huge fan of watching youtubers. I love to watch mental health videos by my favorite people and a common theme they do is “mental health favorites” where they talk about what helped them mentally that month. So I wanted to take this on in blog form. I haven’t talked about my own mental health yet, but someday when I feel ready, I might. Here’s some of my favorite people, if you’d like an inspiration:

Lisa Emerald

Amy Christina

Anastasjia Louise


Since November has arrived, here are my mental health favorites for october. These are all sorts of things that helped me feel happy and optimistic this month.

                     October Mental Health favorites:

  • Photography. My mom and I got a camera together over the summer and I have been enjoying it so much. I always loved photography, but lately it is making me truly happy- I find that it is making me more mindful of what is around me. Instead of being annoyed when my dog wakes me up at 6 am to go out, I grab the camera as I look outside and see pink skies and I just feel grateful, like the world is waking me up with such a gift. I couldn’t resist the foliage this month, either. Remember this? My October mornings post  : )
  • Routines. I kind of need some sort of a routine in my week to stay positive and mentally healthy. Blogging has helped me with this a lot this month. I know that on mondays, I post in a promo monday blogging group and focus on getting my blog out there. Every other weekend for the season I went to the farmer’s market with mama. Things like this, they help me-the market, for example, gives me something to look forward to and the blog gives me goals to work on while doing something I love.
  • These babies. My best friends in any month, and they may be in every mental health favorite post!pups 6 both of them
  • Vlogtober. An October vlog segment my favorite youtubers do where they film every day until the end of October. I look so forward to these and I’m not sure why I enjoy watching them so much, but I do! I am so very excited for Vlogmas.
  • Journaling. I keep my dinosaur composition book next to my bed- I write down weekly goals, things I am grateful for, and blog post ideas or inspirations.
  • Candles, first fire of the season, being comfy in layers, and halloweeney-ness. All recipes for a healthy mind and happy heart.

Thanks, October. What were your mental health favorites this month?

stay mentally healthy