#Monday motivation

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Happy Monday!






I am writing this post for motivation for you guys and for motivation for myself.

Honestly guys, today was just one of those “blah” days at work- lots of boring trainings online for a new program I am working for with my job.

A little uninspiring, to say the least.

I am trying not to let it get to me so instead….I blog. I will blog about inspiration when I am feeling uninspired and I will blog about motivation when I am feeling unmotivated.




















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Monday Mantras

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[Everyone needs a little Jack in their lives.]



Happy Monday!?



This weekend I saw an awesome Celtic band with my sister and friends, completed my volunteer orientation for the SPCA, and relaxed a lot Sunday.


Huge coffee in hand and smoothie in the other, my week planned out, dreams in tow, and I am sort of-kind of ready to tackle this week.


How about you? Need a little motivation?



Monday: coffee and gratitude

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One of the things I really enjoy about my job is the need to problem solve often. Things come up and I often have to think on my feet.


It keeps things interesting- today has definitely been one of those days where things have not gone as planned!


Hows your day going?

I hope you woke up happy.

I hope you’re having a good hair day.

I hope you get good news today or your favorite song plays on the radio.




Here’s my gratitude for the day so far:

  • Healthy eating– so far I had a delicious banana berry with ginger and hemp protein powder smoothie and a banana sandwich
  • A job where I can also blog- it’s the little things.
  • A weekend well spent- shopping and lunch with my mom and sister and time spent outside in the garden and the beautiful weather. [working on those spring goals!]
  • Perseverance-a prospect I thought I had may not have worked out. But that doesn’t mean I am giving up on it.
  • Goals-Imagine how  boring it would get spending every Monday doing the same exact thing and not working towards anything new or better?





You know what also helps? Coffee.

I recently found the artist Megan Hess– take a look at how amazing she is…


This one’s perfect for a rainy day like this…




The hustle and bustle of us

Listening now….wind chimes out my window. Dogs snoring. Quiet.

It’s Monday again. I am awoken by nothing at all; 5 am. I somehow welcome it.

I read others thoughts for the day and find much solace in their words, almost as if what I am reading found me this morning in a mirror of exactly what I needed. Thank you all, whoever you are out there bringing me peace.

It got me thinking- people dread their weeks, why? I am guilty of the same, but on days like this when I awaken and have quiet moments to myself before the hustle and bustle begins- I embrace it.

I think this is what we need, the quiet before the storm. Time to ourselves before the hustle and bustle of us takes over. I think we all need to listen to the wind chimes more and see what they have to say to us.

There is a reason I was awoken at 5 am to listen to them and to read others words.

Promise me you won’t dread your days or wish the week away, okay? Let’s make a vow together to invite it in. Lay here for a bit; listen to it.


“Happiness, not in another place but this place…not for another hour, but this hour.”

― Walt Whitman