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(How cute is this duo singing together?! 500 days of summer, anyone?Love that movie…)

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Currently loving…

This quote.

It’s just so relate-able in every way and so important to remember that everyone’s path is different and we should remember that. And not compare ourselves. I am convinced that comparison is the root of all evil and the demise to our own happiness….

We all do it…but we have to stop.

As much as I love the holidays, the new year gives me a bit of anxiety (and excitement, too!) about all of the things I have not yet done…this quote came to me at a good time!


Also I am currently loving celebrating everything to do with Christmas. Obviously!

I have been blessed to be able to see a Christmas Story the musical with my mom and sis followed by a lovely dinner, attend a cookie swap holiday party, a beautiful and festive winter walk, and a holiday farm and flea. And it’s not even Christmas yet!

Christmas comes but once a year, so time to soak up the season. Although it flies by, I really try to get as much out of it as possible!

Cue the Christmas celebrations…

christmas story play.jpgchristmas all of us.jpg


By the way, these are my favorite pants ever lately. Pleather in the front and regular jegging in the back (split) and burgundy. Got them at Goodwill but they are from Target!



These were real ballerinas dancing in the window..!


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Currently reading…

This article about how to stop being afraid of everything

This article needs to be printed out and hung over my bed and/or by my mirror so I can read it and recite it to myself each and every day. I promise you will not regret this read and if you are like me, it will definitely bring you more awareness about yourself and things you know you have needed to change for awhile. And hopefully, the courage to do so.

I have also found a book that I am hooked on and cannot put down, which has not happened to me in a long time! I may actually finish a book before the new year, when I will most likely make another resolution to finish a certain amount of books that year. Lolz.

Anyway, it’s called Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris-


Here is the bio, taken from Good reads website:

“Everyone knows a couple like Jack and Grace: he has looks and wealth, she has charm and elegance. You’d like to get to know Grace better. But it’s difficult, because you realize Jack and Grace are never apart. Some might call this true love.

Picture this: a dinner party at their perfect home, the conversation and wine flowing. They appear to be in their element while entertaining. And Grace’s friends are eager to reciprocate with lunch the following week. Grace wants to go, but knows she never will. Her friends call—so why doesn’t Grace ever answer the phone? And how can she cook such elaborate meals but remain so slim?

And why are there bars on one of the bedroom windows?

The perfect marriage? Or the perfect lie”


Currently watching…

After mama and I finished The Crown on Netflix, (SO GOOD) I was not quite sure what to do with my life.

However, I am still watching the new season of Shameless and I am a few episodes behind right now.

A new show I have picked up is West World.

Omg. West World.

The bio, taken from HBO’s website, says:

“The one-hour drama series Westworld is a dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial consciousness and the evolution of sin. Set at the intersection of the near future and the reimagined past, it explores a world in which every human appetite, no matter how noble or depraved, can be indulged.

Basically, there is a western theme park called Westworld and there are “hosts” that live there, which are artificially created to appear very human-like and cater to the very high paying visitors that come to the park. These hosts are meant to have certain lines like actors, not deviate from their “norm” and appear to have it all together for the guests… but as we know in shows, things don’t always go as planned or that would just be boring! The rest you will just have to watch for yourself…

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Currently listening…


I made this little playlist for you all of my favorite new tunes I have been listening to obsessively of as late. I will keep adding to this…


My favorites on here are Planez by Katelyn Tarver and Hidden Edelweiss by Spark Alaska.

Also, not listed here- but Single by The Neighbourhood and Someone that loves you by Honne are also some of my favorites lately…


What are you up to currently in December?




Currently in October

Listening now…

Happy weekend!

(I really did want to bake some yummy fall treats this weekend…)

Last month I did a Currently in September post  and am going to attempt to do these once a month!

So here it is, our currents for my favorite month ever. 

Currently in October 

Me, currently…


This has been me all month and will continue to be me throughout October…


Current foliage…

Looking around outside my house right now catches my breath.

Driving around my little mountain town, I feel distracted, and can’t think of where to look first.


Currently wearing…

My Hunter boots and my fringe jacket. A lot. 

The jacket was on sale from Forever 21 for $20, the dress is from goodwill. I am excited to wear my Hunter boots with a variation of a million different styles of long thick socks.And leggings!


Fox and squirrel leggings. And leggings, in general. 

I wish I could remember who blogged about these leggings I read about months ago, then obsessed over, and searched my local Walmarts for. I have the best boyfriend ever, who searched all over Walmart until he found them for me.

They have foxes and squirrels on them, so of course I needed them!

They also say they are “sueded” leggings , they have this buttery feeling to them.



Currently watching…

Definitely still watching American Horror story! So far, it’s not my favorite season at all. But it is getting better each episode!

But currently in October, I’ve been watching…

Vlogtober on youtube. 

Vlogtober is when you tubers post a Vlog every day in October.

I mentioned Vlogtober last year in this post. and this Mental health monthly faves post.

Here are my favorite Vlogtobers who I have been watching for a few years now!

Sarah Hawkinson:

Sarah is a favorite you tuber of mine in general because she loves Halloween just like me, she’s an introvert also like me,  and I love her style and watching her thrifting trips. She is also the reason I started shopping obsessively at Michaels for Halloween stuff, all year round.

Samantha Maria:


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Currently listening to…

I have been enjoying this Autumn Leaves playlist made by Spotify.

Here’s my October playlist, which I’ll be adding to a lot.

I haven’t been very good lately about finding new music, though. Anyone want to share any I would so appreciate it!

I just found the song above too, Sunset lover by Petit biscuit, if you want to give that a listen.


Currently celebrating…

Coziness, warmth, and Halloween!

Every week Frankie and I celebrate a spooky night, where we light all of the fall candles, drink fall brews, and watch a scary movie. In a dimly lit and spookified room like this.

(Actually my room looks like this all year long.)

spooky night.jpg

Hanging skulls and tree branch lights in a  wine bottle, and pumpkin candles, oh my!

martini emoji.png

Currently drinking…

Well, not right now, since it’s 11:30 am on a Saturday.

Fall cocktails. Fall pumpkin beers and ciders. 

The drinks to the right were Apple Jack and my friend’s Pumpkin pie martini, which was my favorite. Yummmm.

Currently excited and thinking about…

Excited….Well guys, I landed my first sponsored post, where they are sending me $75 worth of Halloween goodies, all picked out by me, to blog about! I feel so blessed and I can’t wait to share with everyone. The fact that I got to hand pick all of the items made me feel great because I know that everything I am blogging about are products  I would obviously buy for myself!

Thinking about…And I am attending a space-themed Halloween party the weekend before Halloween and cannot decide between being Mrs. Frizzle from the Magic school bus, Buzz Light year, or Marvin the martian.  I will be making my costume and might buy a few little things for it if needed.

What do you guys think?! Help!

What are you doing this October? jacko

Friyay Thoughts…

Happy Friday all!


So what are you thinking about today?

Here are my current thoughts buzzing around my brain.


Friyay thoughts…

New band discovery: AJR.


Discovered   AJR  this morning. And so glad I did! They were on the Elvis Duran and the morning show this morning. Little did I know, my friend reminded me that they opened for a Melanie Martinez concert we went to last year!

It’s funny because they mention Elvis Duran in their song:

“I can’t complain, no, I won’t be mourning

Cause I skipped on prom

For Elvis Duran in the morning”

One of the brothers told the story of how he actually did skip his prom because he had to take an early flight out the next morning to go perform for Elvis Duran’s show at a mall. How funny and inspiring if that?

Take a listen…




September’s Black moon tonight.


Black moon

“A black moon occurs when there are two new moons within the same month.”

The stars are supposed to be even brighter tonight because of this. So make sure to look up tonight!

black moon.jpg

Halloween costume ideas.


I think this one is really funny, although I am not super thrilled about being a tree.


bob ross and tree.jpg



Thinking about how I’ve been slacking on my Abandons posts and my 20 something guides.


These are my favorite kind of posts to do. And the hardest to get done. I have been thinking about new places to explore for abandoned treasures and 20 something guide ideas…

So far I have done:

A 20 something’s guide to Adulting

A 20 something’s guide to an anxious mind   (Which also doubles as a biography of my life)

A guide: 20 something myths

A 20 something’s guide to housework


Any ideas?



Wine and my bed.


Pretty much since I woke up I have been thinking about both of these things…


wine quote.jpg


What are your Friday thoughts?



April Favorites

April flew by so quickly and next thing I know I am watching it slowly wave at me in my rear view mirror. This whole year is really racing away!

I am a little late on this one guys….but here it is, my April faves!




I have been loving Halsey lately. You guys may have heard her on the radio with her songs “Hold me down” and “New Americana”

My personal favorite of hers is “Gasoline.” Check it out in my April Faves playlist below.

I also just think she is completely gorgeous and am enjoying seeing her versatile style…she seems to not care about defying the odds, whether it’s in the form of blue hair, short hair, or wearing men’s underwear.


Halsey 3.jpg


Here is a playlist I made of my April music faves… complete with some Halsey and some wonderful new discovers from my Discover weekly Spotify playlist.



My personal faves on this list:  Gasoline by Halsey, Rum rage by Sticky Fingers, and Tiny soldiers.

My sissy added a few of her own faves: Let it go by James Bay remix, Clap your hands by Whilk and Misky, and Tiny soldiers. Thanks, sis!




Pretty excited about this find here….


If you follow my blog, you know I am an animal lover and specifically, dog obsessed. Even more specifically, Jack Russell obsessed. [Hey babies!]


Alas, I came across  the instagram of Mouser Patchface:


The idea that I have not yet thought of making an instagram for my Jacks is crazy to me now- Mouser has over 14,000 followers and his mommy is probably making moolah off of instagram by now. Not sure…is that possible? Well anyway, if he’s not making money….he should be.

It basically just follows his little life, sometimes thought bubbles are added…



Whether he’s out eating hamburgers, walking across tables, or driving his BMW, you can expect Mouser to be having a good time and looking good while doing it.


Prissy Pig instagram:


The fact that Chelsea on Teen Mom has a pig as a pet, makes me want one even more than I already did.


But then I came across Prissy Pig’s instagram profile…

Yeah….enough said. Look at them! *Squish squish*



The day I can have my own mini pig dressed up in a bikini on the beach is a day that I can die happily and go to heaven. I would feel complete in this life…


Health, Fitness & smoothies:



I have talked about my fitness goals in my March Triumphs ; April Goals post and my smoothies in this post. I have enjoyed making health and fitness a priority in my life and it has helped in other aspects in my life as well- like anxiety and clearing up my skin.

I have never really talked about my skin on here yet, but I have had hormonal and consistent chin acne since I was about 18.

Since I started making a smoothie with fruits and greens in it every weekday morning for the past 2 months I would say- my skin has completely cleared up. I cannot recommend this enough for anyone dealing with acne- it does take more time in the morning to make a smoothie, but you could do it at night [I am just lazy]- but it is so worth it.

It just goes to show that what you put into your body really does show on the outside!

Also I have really enjoyed making yummy smoothie combinations and experimenting. I have transitioned into using less fruit and more greens and am going to start cutting the coconut almond milk I normally use with half water.


Alien art:


Because why not? I think this also has something to do with my nostalgia for the 90’s lately, like my love for chokers coming back that I talked about here. 

I found one piece of alien art and next thing I knew I was an hour deep into looking up these guys… oh well, it obviously paid off.

You have to see it to believe it!  [See what I did there?]



Also…how cool is this?!



Just kidding! Just goodbye until my next post…. 🙂


What were your April favorites?

Music and meaning: Alana Henderson

You guys know I love showing you all my favorite music.

I wanted to get more in depth though and start talking in detail about particular songs and what they mean to me, maybe share some lyrics.


Featuring:  Wax & Wane by Alana Henderson



Alana Henderson is a cello playing babe from Belfast. I originally found her while listening to this song: Water by the Jepettos featuring Alana Henderson, where she plays her cello in the background. The song quickly became one of my favorites that I listened to over and over.


Besides her stunning cello playing and her Irish spunky sound, Wax and Wane has meaning to me in it’s words.

I interpreted the lyrics to basically mean we can do our best in this life, but some of it is simply just left to the universe.

Some is just left to the moon’s wax & wane and the turn of the tide: just kismet.

It is the stars’ aligning with your heart, the things left to God’s hands that we may try to control with all our might, possibly only to our own disappointment. 



Driving around today, when this song came on, my mind picked up on this lyrics specifically, relating it to my dream of working with animals:


Am I strung up or do I pull the string?
Will the fact I cling too tightly
To my dreams come back and bite me
Am I trying to make a science of an art?
And will the very fate I wish to woo
Be the one that I undo
By thinking I can steer this crazy cart


Hmmm…the song goes on to say that we will never know unless we try though.

So try I go.



Wax & Wane

I could blame our partin’
For the fact that I’m not startin’
All my mornings at the time they ought to start
And I could summon up a sisterhood
Cry lead me out of widowhood
But that is melodrama on my part
I could blame my grieving’
On the fact that I’ve been leaving
Us behind, the ones we were when this began
But I have rose-tinted us ruby
And I’ve conjured up a new me
Who bent freely to her newly moulded man

But we bent and we broke and I meant what I spoke
And the blame game does not produce a winner
We went as far as we could go we had to go that far to know
That we had nowhere left to aim
And no one left to blame but
The moon’s wax and wane and the turn of the tide
The moon’s wax and wane and the turn of the tide

And I could blame my parents
For my vices so inherent
That I cannot shake them much as I may try
But how much have I inherited?
Or picked up since I was a kid
That nature versus nurture paradigm
I could blame wrong turns that I take
On decisions that my head makes
Then trace each error right back to my heart
And is it broken ‘cause you toyed with it
Or was it formed with a little split
That grows each year further and further apart

But we love and we lose and we lash-out and we bruise
And the name of the game’s just the living
We go as far as we can go we’ve got to go that far to know
That we have everything to gain
By knowing we can blame
The moon’s wax and wane and the turn of the tide
The moon’s wax and wane and the turn of the tide

And so I look to Karma
And if I try not to harm another
I will not be harmed by anything
If I salute the magpie knock on wood
Will I be doing any good?
Am I strung up or do I pull the string?
Will the fact I cling too tightly
To my dreams come back and bite me
Am I trying to make a science of an art?
And will the very fate I wish to woo
Be the one that I undo
By thinking I can steer this crazy cart

But I’ll live and I’ll learn
And `I’ll light and I’ll burn
Til the flame simmers down to a spark
I’ll go as far as I can go
I’ve to go that far to know that I have everything to gain
By knowing I can’t train
The moon’s wax and wane and the turn of the tide
The moon’s wax and wane and the turn of the tide

I never said it was your fault
I only wanted to blame someone
I never said it was your fault
I only wanted to blame someone
The moon’s wax and wane and the turn of the tide



What do you think of the lyrics?

Maybe you interpreted it completely differently! 



Goals, with Gratitude: Part 2

music noteListening now…

(Just found this and I am obsessed)



Awhile back, I did a post called Goals, with gratitude and felt really inspired after to make this a series of upcoming posts.

I talked about how it is hard to be grateful without having goals, too. After all, many of the things we have gratitude for are positive outcomes of goals we have created for ourselves and not only created, but that we have met.

This past sunday [Sundaze], I ended my weekend by writing down my weekly goals, gratitudes, and began planning my week in my planner. Laying out the week ahead on a sunday night helps me begin the hustle and bustle of my Monday on a calming and positive note.

I like reviewing my goals at the end of the week when it seems like the past 5 days have been crazy, have flew by, and yet- sometimes I still feel like I did not get a lot accomplished. Yet, looking back, I always feel better about that. Confidence boost!

This past week, my weekly goals looked a little something like this:

Checked off are the ones I have completed.          hands clapping

Weekly Goals:


check mark.pngGo to the gym Tuesday: I went Thursday- I felt so much better afterwards. It was a good gym session where you just get into your own zone with your headphones on and manage to get a lot done. Yay!

Pay rent and save money: Oops. I live at home and my mom takes rent and puts it away for me into a fund for my first place. [Thanks mama]  Even though I didn’t do this this week, it will get done next week. You’ll see from the goals below that my week got a tad expensive….

check markMeditate:  I did a small morning guided meditation from a youtube video while laying in bed in the morning. Even though I wasn’t sitting up alert, it still felt great.

Call therapist: I have been on a little hiatus from therapy. I have been going consistently for about a year now, but have missed a few weeks. Sometimes when you go every week for that long, it honestly just feels like a little break is needed. This will get added to the list for next week, too!

check markGet school sorted out. I have been wanting to do something with animals for awhile now. I have applied to every ASPCA and sanctuary job out there with no luck (yet). I think I would love to do some sort of animal advocacy job someday, and I figured, why wait around anymore. So I enrolled myself in an Introduction to Veterinary Technology class at my local community college and will work full time at my current job, while attending this class and paying out of pocket. I start Tuesday and my first school bill has been paid and books have been picked up! We will see what happens, but I am excited and knowledge is never wasted. I kind of want to take a web design class too- always exploring; learning.

[Hence why rent was not paid this week]


Goals I have accomplished that were not on my list include: deep cleaning my entire room and bathroom, consistent blog posting, getting a lot done at work.        hands clapping


Weekly Gratitude: 

  • Waking up at 7 am to let the puppies out and seeing this-

Light snow was drifting, and suddenly- I didn’t care that it was 7 am on a saturday or how tired I was. I cared about the moment in front of me; inhaling it like a breath into a fresh lung. The unexpected and un-forecasted little surprises life drops at our feet, right when we need it like soft snow falling right when we wake. Convinced someone may have sent this moment right to me…

How did you know?


  • Opportunities and the ability to adapt who we are at any given time. 

“For what it’s worth: it’s never too late or, in my case, too early to be whoever you want to be. There’s no time limit, stop whenever you want. You can change or stay the same, there are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope you make the best of it. And I hope you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things you never felt before. I hope you meet people with a different point of view. I hope you live a life you’re proud of. If you find that you’re not, I hope you have the courage to start all over again.”

-Eric Roth, The curious case of Benjamin Button

school books.jpg

  • Discovering new music; thanks Spotify “discover weekly”
  • Wine.
  • Quiet time
  • A flexible job that I enjoy and allows me to go to school too; a job that allows me to pay to better myself and pay for things in general. 
  • Blogging. I never expected it would be this consistent. I never expected it would even last this long. I never thought that it would make me feel creativity I may not have known I had before. I never knew it would make me feel this good about myself and my abilities and bring me this amount of comfort.


How are your goals and gratitude going? I hope well. It feels good to look back on your week and know that you are a better version of yourself than the week before.


Thanks for reading!






Loving lately…

♫ Listening now….

My sister recently started doing a series of posts called Intriguing things [Post] in which she discusses things that intrigue her at that moment in time. I love this and felt inspired!

The theme of this blog is pretty much to enjoy the little things in life, the simple things. To appreciate the good things and the good things comin’. Thanks, Nahko Bear. [Black as the night- Nahko Bear]


Here’s some simple things I’m in love with right now:


I have been loving this song lately. It has a bit of nostalgia to it, especially in the video.

A friend showed us this song last night and I love it.


After I finished binge watching Making a Murderer, I needed another fix. My mom was watching Downton Abbey and now I am hooked.

An early 1900’s British drama, you will be sucked in instantly. The fashion is really beautiful, too.



My mom got me these makeup pieces and I love them- she ordered them online because she heard rave reviews about them. And I can see why. It’s a Japanese product and it makes you skin look flawless and is a really moisturizing makeup, which I love for the winter.


Check it out here:


She also got this which I love for putting over the top of the makeup above. It has the effect of a Bare Minerals mineral veil, to kind of illuminate your skin and seal your makeup.


Check it out here:

Eshiko face powder

I have also been loving my Urban Decay shadow box palette I got for Christmas.

urban shadow box.jpg

The bright colors are a bit intimidating to me at first, but I definitely plan on figuring them out!

I have been having a lot of fun playing with it, too.



Ear links and ear chains….

I also received 2 of these for Christmas and I’m wearing them like every day.

Ear jackets look a little something like this:

ear jacket.jpg


And an ear chain, like this:

ear chain.jpg

I think they are really fun, especially if you only have one piercing because they can spice it up a bit.


Lately I have discovered Lush: 

[I know, I’m super late on this…haha]

I went here to Christmas shop for other people and shopped for myself and fell in love. This is what is awesome about Lush brand:

lush pic.jpg

My favorites, out of what I have tried so far: 

Popcorn lip scrub [ This stuff is amazingly yummy and you can lick it off when you are done scrubbing.]

Aromaco deodorant [ All natural and I find it even helps with sweating, too]


What are you loving lately? 


XOXO Thanks for stopping by!