Christmas has come and gone…

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I hope you all had a good holiday!

How has Christmas come and gone already?

I wanted to share a bit of my festivities with you all since it is my favorite time of the year.

On Christmas Eve, we traveled down to my love’s side of the family in Long Island.

I had so much fun embracing the differences of celebrations between our families and playing with all of the little babes!



The coolest was when Santa showed up on Christmas Eve! They have a friend that does this every year for them and even buys her a bunch of gifts….so cool.  #greatguy #santa

santa and maddi.jpgbaby-kenny


On Christmas day…..we got just a tad excited….



Can you spot the toys Santa brought the pups? #moo #oink


I was actually crafty this year with mama’s gift and made this chalkboard wine bottle that says “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas but if the white runs out, I’ll drink the red!”

I am very proud of it =D


wine bottle.jpg


2 of my personal favorite gifts from santa this year include these lace up over the knee boots and this shirt I am wearing in this picture that could not be more perfect.




The skirt was from Santa too and I love it so much! The shirt says, “I just want to drink wine save animals and take naps.” TRUTH.



On top of the amazing Christmas festivities, me and the babies got some quality time together….


tiny baby.jpg


How did you all spend your holiday?


Today’s thoughts

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Some random thoughts buzzing around my brain today.

Enjoy bee.png



How spoiled my pups are. How I love them so much I want to squish them.

spoiled pup 1.jpg

She loves fruit, okay?

pups 1.jpg

Squishing and kissing all day every day.


Food. [This is less thinking lately and more like what I think of always, but yeah.]

My delicious watermelon feta salad I had for lunch and the kiwi- banana- strawberry- coconut smoothie I had for breakfast.



How busy my fall will be.

And how hard the classes will be…

My lack of a life for the next year and a half or so…

Yet how excited I am. I figured out a way to go part time at my job and attend school full time… I mapped everything out. Planned out a budget, putting away my tax return. And registered for classes!

I actually figured out today that I have to drop Restraint and Handling, which I didn’t want to do! Other people in the program have told me how fun the class is and that you go on field trips a lot and people bring their own pets in for demonstrations…but I need to work at least 24 hours at my job and keep my financial aid- so I’ll have to take it in the spring.

I am most nervous about Chem… and Animal Anatomy- but that sounds much more interesting to me than Chem.

school schedule.jpg

And how much I might need this mug:

vet student.jpg



What are you thinking of today?

Food truck; sleepy pup; spring cleanup

heart music.pngListening now…

I hope you all had a good weekend! I feel pretty refreshed overall and I got to sleep in…



Friday night Frankie and I went to a new food truck event that will be going on every friday.

I got an apple grilled cheese and he got a cubano, just like in the movie Chef! If you have not seen Chef yet, I highly recommend. Frankie and I joke about buying a food truck and traveling all over just like in the movie….

food 1food 2

food 3

Sun setting over the food truck festivities. 

food 5

frankies food

He also got a side of truffle fries. MMMMMM. canoli




On Saturday, I literally did only one productive thing and that was bringing in wood. The rest of the day I spent in bed, watching Downton Abbey and cuddling with the pups.


Pretty laid back day overall…

sleepy pup 1sleepy pup 2sleepy pup 3

Later on, we had ourselves one cozy night…

cozy night 1cozy night 2cozy night 3cozy night 5cozy night 4munch and toy.jpgsat night 1sat night 2

downton and wine.jpg

In my Loving lately post awhile back, I talked about my obsession with Downton Abbey. I may have mentioned it a few other times, too….


I’ve reached season 5 of Downton already- so I am kind of panicking! Since I have been on such a hardcore binge, I have neglected Shameless lately- so will definitely be picking that back up again when I’m all out of Downton [but I will also cry, first].


Oh! And the wine I am drinking currently is: Menage a Trois… yummy.



So that’s pretty much how my Saturday went. I was debating going out dancing, but I was low on funds this weekend and pretty content at home with my pups and my wine. Ahhhh, the life of an introvert….



Today was beautiful. 60 degrees in the sunshine and springy goodness- I was outside all day helping Mama with her gardening. Check out her page for frequent garden updates and to see her little garden up close and personal!

This little guy was found wandering around…. it’s early to see them, too!caterpillarmunch playing

We had to visit our neighhhhbors with a special carrot snack for them…meet Sassy and BJ. 

horses 1


Is that food we smell?!?

horses 2 eatingmama and horses.jpg

I also found a use for the pretty wine bottle I have been saving! Mama gave me some dried hydrangeas and I really love the way they look in the bottle:



This beautiful shell was found outside near the garden when we moved in, too. I took it inside and am using it to carry my crystals- this is sitting right next to my bed : )


What did you do this weekend? Tell me below!

Thanks for reading XOXO



It’s beginning to look a lot like Squishmas

Listening now… puppies snoring

Squishmas? You may ask. My sister came up with this term today, very witty of her. We call one of our puppies “squish” since we always want to squish her. You know that feeling you get when you see something really cute, you somehow want to squish them, right? No, really. I’m not crazy: it’s actually proven.

Article: The psychology of “It’s so cute I could eat it”

Do you have this? Furthermore: 22 signs you have cute aggression

So I wanted you all to meet my squish able babies. The amount of pictures I have of them on my camera and on my phone is a little bordering on psychotic, but I don’t really care.

Meet Squish. Otherwise known by her real name Daisy- but also by itty, itty bitty, monkey, pumpkin, stinky, etc etc.


pups 5 playing

Facts: she hates people and dogs she doesn’t know, anytime we have company over they must do the cookie procedure. She has to be locked up in my room until they are already inside, then I can bring her up to the person- have them stand still so she can sniff them and seize them up and feed her a cookie. After this she is usually fine.

However, she has bitten my mom’s friend on the nose and a little boy that I babysit for-also on the nose. She hates kids- even with the cookie procedure done and out of the way.

daisy muzzle

Last year for Christmas, Santa got her a muzzle.

A lot of people think she’s mean, but she is the sweetest and cuddliest baby you will ever meet once she knows you and is comfortable with you. She would sleep all day with you while spooning if you let her. Case in point:

snuggly babysnuggly baby 2

She can sense when you are hurt, upset, or happy. She will come over and gently lick you on the face if she sees you crying- almost to ask, what’s wrong and what can I do?

daisy and me.jpg

As you can see, best friends from the very beginning.

daisys first snow

Her very first snow.

squish swimming.jpg

Her very first time swimming was this summer, taught by me and her ball. [The only way she would get in!] We love to go on adventures.

daisy in the manger.jpg

And finally, in the spirit of Christmas: Daisy in the manger.

More fun facts: she was the runt of the litter. Our other baby Lily, had puppies and we kept her. She had trouble getting to mama’s nipple to feed, so my mom used to watch her and lift her to it so we could keep her alive.

lil with pups

Our baby Lily with her pups, May 2009[Taken on ancient 2009 cell phone, so has that quality]

Meet “Tubs.” Otherwise known by her real name, Lily, and many others- princess, printa, fatty, etc etc. Tubs is courtesy of my mom due to Lily’s insatiable appetite and her piggy-like stature. She’s our little piglet. On her Christmas list: food. She is the sweetest baby you will ever meet. Unlike squish, she has always warmed up to everyone right away and will come right up to you. She is the most trusting pup and a true people lover.

Tubs 1.jpg

Our old girly is 13 now.

sleepy tub

Sleeping soundly by the tree and fire…..spoiled.

sleepy tub 2

* Hears crinkling of wrapper in the kitchen*

sleepy tub 3

Now awake, and ready to eat.

If you have pictures of your squishes, I’d love to see them!

We wish you a very merry Squishmas.  XOXO


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Good things comin’, comin’, comin’.

Top picture is artist Casey Weldon: check him out!

Welcome- I’d like to show you just a few of the good things that have been comin my way….to be continued…

When you capture the perfect flea market picture(bike propped against tree ever so casually) and your dog is featured on the flea market vendor’s site!


Sassy little nana



blog farmers market 2 farm3 blog farmers market

farmers market music and dance

farmers market music and dance



More good things coming in the fall…peeking out and saying hello


Been practicing all summer!

Been practicing all summer!

get it

get it

me at brew

To end the birthday weekend perfectly…