A letter from your introverted [hermit] friend

Listening now….

Dear friend,

It’s been awhile, I know.I hope you read this in a happy place and maybe understand more about me in the end.

You probably know this about me- but when I need me time, I go all in. After all, I need ample time to play my sims, watch my you tubers, watch Downton abbey, color in my stress relieving coloring book, research things on google, browse Netflix for an hour only to watch nothing and fall asleep, play with my dogs and talk to them like humans, etc….etc.

Also it’s winter- cold out, dark earlier, I haven’t seen you as much. It’s harder for me now- some days I come home and just want to curl up, with my hobbies, and alone- more than usual. You are probably thinking, oh great, it will be even harder to get you out of the house now!

Perhaps you are right.

However, I promise the time will come for me to leave my humble abode and accompany you to whatever social gathering you may have to drag me to [perhaps kicking and screaming, just give me a little wine beforehand-I’ll be fine]

Funny enough, it may have been my idea originally to leave my little space[I’m thinking to myself-it’s been awhile, I probably should go somewhere….]- only to bug you an hour after we get there to see if you are ready to leave yet.

Thank you for being patient, is all I can say.

Thank you for not being a high maintenance friend- and understanding that if I don’t text you/ hang out with you in a few weeks, I promise I still love you and want to see you.

Thank you for forcing me to do things when I don’t want to- we all need friends like that.

Thanks for letting me play Sims when we hang out [and not judging me……too much]

Thank you for understanding, accepting me, and loving me for who I am- and not trying to change that.










♫ Listening to right now:

Saturday, 4:47 pm. And it is dark. 

I got a late start to my day today- I, thankfully, slept in until 11 am. I was planning on taking a drive and bringing the camera for future blog posts-but, before I knew it, it was 3 pm and would be dark in an hour.

This time of year- I struggle. I love being outside and the best time to do that is coming to an end. It’s delicate- I have to work harder to stay happy, remain positive, and see the light in winter, too. I love christmas so much- and am looking forward to that.

I enjoy coziness and snow- to a certain point. The reason I use delicate for this post title and picked this Delicate by Damien Rice song-

As the seasons progress, I become delicate. I can easily get caught up in my warm cozy house, cozy bed with my warm puppy, and never want to leave. That sounds great, right? Except for me, I have to be careful- not to fall into a mild seasonal depression.

It’s cold and bitter outside, but I’m working on my blog, I got a lot done today, and I’m going to see friends later. I try to keep up this kind of momentum throughout the season so that I don’t fall down and get stuck. I have a feeling this season will be different for me- maybe that’s why I don’t mind it’s arrival as much.

             How do you all cope with the darkness coming earlier?


dark 7 horses 2dark 5

The neighhhhbor horses enjoy their last half hour of daylight.

The neighhhhbor horses enjoy their last half hour of daylight

dark 2

And so do I.

We settle in for the night, surrounded by candles and lights.

We settle in for the night, surrounded by candles and lights.